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Publication Charges

Article Processing Charges (APCs)

OSA's open access journals are freely and widely available to all readers via OSA Publishing's Digital Library. In lieu of paid subscriptions, authors or their institutions pay an Article Processing Charge (APC) after their paper has been accepted for publication. There are no submission charges for OSA Journals. Articles are held for publication until payment of the APC is received. Waivers may be available on request to authors from developing countries. Please view the final PDF of the article in Prism prior to making payment, because corrections will not be made once the article is published.

Please refer to the FAQ if you have questions regarding the payment of the APCs.

Article Processing Charges (APCs)
Up to 6 published pages 7-15 published pages Per page 15+ published pages APC with CC BY License (eligibility) Effective Date
Biomed. Opt. Express $998 $1,610 $145 $1,748 (<7pp)
$2,360 (7-15 pp)
4 January 2018
Opt. Mat. Express $919 $1,550 $145 $1,669 (<7pp)
$2,300 (7-15pp)
4 January 2018
Opt. Express $1,279 $1,942 $145 $2,029 (<7pp)
$2,692 (7-15pp)
4 January 2018
Letters (up to 4 pages) and memoranda (up to 2 pages) Research articles (up to 8 pages) Per page 8+ published pages APC with CC BY License (eligibility) Effective Date
$1,750 $2,500 $145 $2,500 (≤4pp)
$3,250 (5-8pp)
4 January 2018
Up to 4 published pages 5-10 published pages Per page 11+ published pages APC with CC BY License (eligibility) Effective Date
Photon. Res. $853 $1,430 $145 $1,603 (≤4pp)
$2,180 (5-10pp)
4 January 2018

In some cases, copyediting may be a requirement for manuscript acceptance. OSA provides copyediting service to Express Journal authors. Contact journal staff for details and fees.

OSA Continuum

OSA Publishing will waive APCs for OSA Continuum for all papers published in 2018. However, we request that manuscripts be no more than 15 pages when submitted. Papers over this limit will be subject to approval before peer review and possible overlength charges, at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief.

After the introductory period, OSA Continuum will offer APC discounts or waivers to authors from qualifying low- and middle-income countries. APC rates will be posted here soon.

APC Refunds

OSA will offer a refund of an APC within 30 days of publication if a publisher error results in the article appearing under a different license from that selected by the authors. APCs will not be refunded due to the retraction or correction of an article owing to author error or misconduct.

Other Publication Charges

Overlength Fees Color Art in Print Voluntary Page Charges Optional Open Access Open Access with CC BY License (eligibility)
Appl. Opt.
$300 per page exceeding 10 pages $650 for the first color figure
+ $325 for each additional figure
+ cost of reprints, if applicable
$125 per page suggested $1,942 $2,692
Opt. Lett. N/A $650 for the first color figure
+ $325 for each additional figure
+ cost of reprints, if applicable
$125 per page suggested $1,942 $2,692
J. Opt. Commun. Netw. $220 per page (pages 11-15)
Articles exceeding 15 pages must be approved by the Editors-in-Chief
N/A $125 per page suggested $1,942 $2,692

There are no charges for publication in Advances in Optics and Photonics.

Mandatory page charges for JOCN will be assessed by IEEE upon publication.

Please refer to the FAQ if you have questions regarding the payment of publication fees.

Overlength Fees

Optics Letters articles are limited to four printed pages; thus authors do not incur an overlength charge.

To estimate the length of your AO, JOSA, or JOCN paper, use the appropriate manuscript template. Eligible JOSA authors may apply for an S. R. Seshadri JOSA Publications Grant to assist with mandatory publication charges.

Color Charges

Color art may be included at no charge in the online versions of OSA journals. In addition, color art may be printed in Applied Optics, JOSA A, JOSA B and Optics Letters; however, it is necessary that the author's institution or funding agency defray the cost of color printing. See the table above for the current charges.

Voluntary Page Charges (AO, JOSA A, JOSA B, OL)

Voluntary page-charge contributions help defray the cost of editorial preparation and composition. These charges assist OSA in maintaining comparatively low subscription rates for OSA members and libraries, thus maximizing the dissemination of research results. Payment is neither an obligation nor a prerequisite for publication. In general, publication charges are regarded as an essential part of research budgets, since publication is the final process in a research project. As such, OSA asks authors to consider making voluntary contributions ($125 per page) in partial support of their research and to offset fundamental costs attached to its publication.

Optional Open Access

OSA offers authors the option to pay for their articles to be Open Access in Applied Optics, JOSA A, JOSA B, Optics Letters, or JOCN. The fee for optional open access is $1,942 per article. Open Access papers will be flagged as such in the journal issue table of contents and in the results of OSA Publishing searches.

A special message to readers of JOSA A, JOSA B, Optics Letters, Applied Optics, and JOCN: If you believe that an article in any one of these journals deserves wider access, you also have the option of sponsoring the Open Access fee. The fee for readers is the same as for authors. If you're interested in sponsoring a particular article to be Open Access, contact infobase@osa.org. Please note that a CC BY license cannot be requested for articles that have been published.
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