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Optical Materials Express Feature Announcement

Beyond Thin Films: Photonics with Ultra-thin and Atomically-thin Materials

Submission Opens: 1 September 2018
Submission Deadline: 15 October 2018

The rapid-publication, open-access, electronic OSA journal, Optical Materials Express (OMEx), is planning a feature issue on Photonics with ultra-thin and atomically-thin materials. Papers will cover recent advances in the area of light control with platforms comprising such materials.

The quest to push the thickness of materials below 10nm and down to the atomic-scale is driven by the attractive material properties and tunability that can be achieved at these scales—properties that are typically unattainable with their bulk counterparts. These new material capabilities are enabling new frontiers in photonics research. This feature issue aims to highlight emergent photonic phenomena and state-of-the art photonic applications with systems involving ultra-thin films, quasi-2D, or 2D materials.

Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Ultrathin metal films—fabrication, optical properties, temperature dependence, applications, and devices.
  • Finite and quantum-size effects—theory and experiment.
  • Graphene—(single or few layer), fluorinated graphene, chemically doped graphene. Tunability of optical properties, applications, and devices.
  • 2D material heterostructures—stacks of 2D materials (Van der Waals heterostructures), graphene photonic devices with other 2D material encapsulation, control of photonic properties by arranging two atomic layers with their respective lattice symmetry directions at an angle, e.g. twisted graphene.
  • Ab-initio atomistic calculations of optical properties—pure and chemically doped systems as well as their heterostructures.
  • Extra-ordinary light-control phenomena—exotic EM dispersions, epsilon near- zero behavior (ENZ), enhanced non-linear phenomena, new surface wave phenomena, non-reciprocal/optical-isolator behavior, as well as topological photonic phases.
  • Atomically-thin materials interfaced with structured photonic systems—metamaterials/metasurfaces, photonic crystals or plasmonic nanoantennae.
  • Patterned atomically-thin materials—nano-/micro- arrays of atomically-thin material elements for metasurfaces, Fano-resonant or Electromagnetically-Induced-transparency (EIT) platforms, superabsorbers.

All papers need to present original, previously unpublished work, and will be subject to the normal standards and peer-review process of the Journal. Papers will be published online upon acceptance, and all papers will later be combined in a virtual table of contents.

Manuscripts must be prepared according to the usual guidelines for submission to Optical Materials Express and must be submitted online through OSA's online submission system. When submitting, authors should specify that the manuscript is for the "Beyond thin films: Photonics with ultra-thin and atomically-thin materials" feature issue (choose from the drop-down menu). The standard OMEx publication charges will apply to all published articles.

Feature Editors

Stavroula Foteinopoulou, University of New Mexico, USA
Nicolae Panoiu, University College London, UK
Vladimir Shalaev, Purdue University, USA
Ganapathi S. Subramania, Sandia National Laboratories, USA

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