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1 November 2003, Volume 28, Issue 21, pp. 2013-2123   37 articles

Accurate Jones matrix expansion for all orders of polarization mode dispersion

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2013-2015 (2003)  View: PDF

20-nm-resolution Soft x-ray microscopy demonstrated by use of multilayer test structures

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2019-2021 (2003)  View: PDF

Brillouin scattering spectrum in photonic crystal fiber with a partially germanium-doped core

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2022-2024 (2003)  View: PDF

Highly photosensitive Sb/Er/Ge-codoped silica fiber for writing fiber Bragg gratings with strong high-temperature sustainability

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2025-2027 (2003)  View: PDF

Properties of polarization evolution in spun fibers

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2028-2030 (2003)  View: PDF

Voltage-controllable wavelength-selective optical switching based on multiply cascaded long-period fiber gratings

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2034-2036 (2003)  View: PDF

Distributed three-dimensional fiber Bragg grating refractometer for biochemical sensing

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2037-2039 (2003)  View: PDF

High-speed data encryption over 25 km of fiber by two-mode coherent-state quantum cryptography

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2040-2042 (2003)  View: PDF

Experimental test of dense wavelength-division multiplexing using novel, periodic-group-delay-complemented dispersion compensation and dispersion-managed solitons

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2043-2045 (2003)  View: PDF

Quantitative spectrally resolved imaging through a spectrograph

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2046-2048 (2003)  View: PDF

Inverse scattering problem for optical coherence tomography

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2049-2051 (2003)  View: PDF

Carbonyl sulfide detection with a thermoelectrically cooled midinfrared quantum cascade laser

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2052-2054 (2003)  View: PDF

Lifetime measurement of the 9s level of atomic francium

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2055-2057 (2003)  View: PDF

Laser terahertz-emission microscope for inspecting electrical faults in integrated circuits

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2058-2060 (2003)  View: PDF

Volumetric diffuse optical tomography of brain activity

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2061-2063 (2003)  View: PDF

High-resolution optical coherence microscopy for high-speed, in vivo cellular imaging

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2064-2066 (2003)  View: PDF

Improved signal-to-noise ratio in spectral-domain compared with time-domain optical coherence tomography

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2067-2069 (2003)  View: PDF

Metabolism-enhanced tumor localization by fluorescence imaging: in vivo animal studies

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2070-2072 (2003)  View: PDF

Combined Raman and continuous-wave-excited two-photon fluorescence cell imaging

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2073-2075 (2003)  View: PDF

Engineering transverse Bragg resonance waveguides for large modal volume lasers

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2079-2081 (2003)  View: PDF

Erbium-doped fiber laser simultaneously mode locked on more than 24 wavelengths at room temperature

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2082-2084 (2003)  View: PDF

Sub-100-ps amplitude-modulation mode-locked Tm–Ho:BaY2F8 laser at 2.06 μm

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2085-2087 (2003)  View: PDF

Tunable solid-state lasers incorporating dye-doped, polymer– nanoparticle gain media

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2088-2090 (2003)  View: PDF

Efficient frequency doubling of a vertical-extended-cavity surface-emitting laser diode by use of a periodically poled KTP crystal

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2091-2093 (2003)  View: PDF

Fundamental and vortex solitons in a two-dimensional optical lattice

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2094-2096 (2003)  View: PDF

Non-Gaussian statistics of an optical soliton in the presence of amplified spontaneous emission

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2097-2099 (2003)  View: PDF

Stabilization of intracavity frequency-doubled lasers with type I phase matching

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2100-2102 (2003)  View: PDF

Quadratic soliton self-reflection at a quadratically nonlinear interface

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2103-2105 (2003)  View: PDF

TEM00 terawatt amplification by use of micro-optic spatial mode conversion

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2106-2108 (2003)  View: PDF

Mode conversion and birefringence adjustment by focused-ion-beam etching for slanted rib waveguide walls

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2109-2111 (2003)  View: PDF

Electro-optic Solc-type wavelength filter in periodically poled lithium niobate

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2115-2117 (2003)  View: PDF

12-fs pulses from a continuous-wave-pumped 200-nJ T:sapphire amplifier at a variable repetition rate as high as 4 MHz

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2118-2120 (2003)  View: PDF

30-mJ, diode-pumped, chirped-pulse Yb:YLF regenerative amplifier

Opt. Lett. 28(21), 2121-2123 (2003)  View: PDF

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