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15 January 2001, Volume 26, Issue 2, pp. 50-118   18 articles

Timing jitter owing to intrachannel pulse interactions in dispersion-managed transmission systems

Opt. Lett. 26(2), 55-57 (2001)  View: PDF

Rayleigh scattering optical frequency correlation in a single-mode optical fiber

Opt. Lett. 26(2), 58-60 (2001)  View: PDF

Tuning, attenuating, and switching by controlled flexure of long-period fiber gratings

Opt. Lett. 26(2), 61-63 (2001)  View: PDF

Compact, 220-ps visible laser employing single-pass, cascaded frequency conversion in monolithic periodically poled lithium niobate

Opt. Lett. 26(2), 66-68 (2001)  View: PDF

Diode-pumped self-Q-switched single-frequency 946-nm Nd3+, Cr4+:YAG microchip laser

Opt. Lett. 26(2), 72-74 (2001)  View: PDF

Time-multiplexed multifocal multiphoton microscope

Opt. Lett. 26(2), 75-77 (2001)  View: PDF

Polarization instability of femtosecond pulse splitting in normally dispersive self-focusing media

Opt. Lett. 26(2), 78-80 (2001)  View: PDF

Level-splitting effects in resonant four-wave mixing

Opt. Lett. 26(2), 81-83 (2001)  View: PDF

Optical bistability of stimulated-emission lines in Sm3+-doped glass microspheres

Opt. Lett. 26(2), 84-86 (2001)  View: PDF

Oscillating solitons in a novel integrable model of asynchronous mode locking

Opt. Lett. 26(2), 87-89 (2001)  View: PDF

Phase-resolved correlation and its application to analysis of low-coherence interferograms

Opt. Lett. 26(2), 90-92 (2001)  View: PDF

Micromachining bulk glass by use of femtosecond laser pulses with nanojoule energy

Opt. Lett. 26(2), 93-95 (2001)  View: PDF

Spatially resolved amplitude and phase characterization of femtosecond optical pulses

Opt. Lett. 26(2), 96-98 (2001)  View: PDF

Conversion of high-power 15-fs visible pulses to the mid infrared

Opt. Lett. 26(2), 99-101 (2001)  View: PDF

Direct comparison of two cold-atom-based optical frequency standards by using a femtosecond-laser comb

Opt. Lett. 26(2), 102-104 (2001)  View: PDF

Quadratic spatial soliton generation by seeded downconversion of a strong harmonic pump beam: errata

Opt. Lett. 26(2), 105-105 (2001)  View: PDF

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