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15 July 2000, Volume 25, Issue 14, pp. 995-1057   21 articles

Reflection from surfaces with a thin overlayer

Opt. Lett. 25(14), 998-1000 (2000)  View: PDF

Wide angularly isotropic photonic bandgaps obtained from two-dimensional photonic crystals with Archimedean-like tilings

Opt. Lett. 25(14), 1001-1003 (2000)  View: PDF

Electromagnetic optimization of multilevel diffractive elements by use of the wavelet transform

Opt. Lett. 25(14), 1004-1006 (2000)  View: PDF

Simultaneous temperature and bend sensing with long-period fiber gratings

Opt. Lett. 25(14), 1007-1009 (2000)  View: PDF

Dispersion-managed soliton propagation in short-period dispersion maps

Opt. Lett. 25(14), 1010-1012 (2000)  View: PDF

Two-pixel computer-generated hologram with a zero-twist nematic liquid-crystal spatial light modulator

Opt. Lett. 25(14), 1013-1015 (2000)  View: PDF

Efficient high-power diode-end-pumped TEM00 Nd:YVO4 laser with a planar cavity

Opt. Lett. 25(14), 1016-1018 (2000)  View: PDF

Frequency stabilization of a monolithic Nd:YAG ring laser by controlling the power of the laser-diode pump source

Opt. Lett. 25(14), 1019-1021 (2000)  View: PDF

Demonstration of a 10-μJ tabletop laser at 52.9 nm in neonlike chlorine

Opt. Lett. 25(14), 1022-1024 (2000)  View: PDF

Optimization of semiconductor quantum devices by evolutionary search

Opt. Lett. 25(14), 1025-1027 (2000)  View: PDF

Simultaneous process of embossing and poling at elevated temperatures: a simple technique for nonlinear grating formation in polymer films

Opt. Lett. 25(14), 1028-1030 (2000)  View: PDF

Double phase conjugation with orthogonally polarized beams in a BaTiO3 crystal

Opt. Lett. 25(14), 1031-1033 (2000)  View: PDF

Second-order optical nonlinearity of 10-μm-thick periodically poled LiNbO3 films

Opt. Lett. 25(14), 1034-1036 (2000)  View: PDF

Self-guiding light in layered nonlinear media

Opt. Lett. 25(14), 1037-1039 (2000)  View: PDF

Sensitive H2 detection by use of thermal-lens Raman spectroscopy without a tunable laser

Opt. Lett. 25(14), 1040-1042 (2000)  View: PDF

Self-induced parametric amplification of high-order harmonics

Opt. Lett. 25(14), 1043-1045 (2000)  View: PDF

Design of cascaded diffractive phase elements for three-dimensional multiwavelength optical interconnects

Opt. Lett. 25(14), 1046-1048 (2000)  View: PDF

Phase-locked white-light continuum pulses: toward a universal optical frequency-comb synthesizer

Opt. Lett. 25(14), 1049-1051 (2000)  View: PDF

Five-optical-cycle pulse generation in the mid infrared from an optical parametric oscillator based on aperiodically poled lithium niobate

Opt. Lett. 25(14), 1052-1054 (2000)  View: PDF

Pulse characteristics of an optical parametric oscillator pumped by sub-30-fs light pulses

Opt. Lett. 25(14), 1055-1057 (2000)  View: PDF

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