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1 October 1999, Volume 24, Issue 19, pp. 1317-1375   17 articles

Effects of lateral load and external twist on polarization-mode dispersion of spun and unspun fibers

Opt. Lett. 24(19), 1325-1327 (1999)  View: PDF

Dual on-fiber thin-film heaters for fiber gratings with independently adjustable chirp and wavelength

Opt. Lett. 24(19), 1328-1330 (1999)  View: PDF

All-incoherent dispersion-compensated optical correlator

Opt. Lett. 24(19), 1331-1333 (1999)  View: PDF

Analysis of photoinduced stress distribution in fiber Bragg gratings

Opt. Lett. 24(19), 1334-1336 (1999)  View: PDF

Lens-free in-line optical isolators

Opt. Lett. 24(19), 1337-1339 (1999)  View: PDF

Pixel size limit in holographic memories

Opt. Lett. 24(19), 1340-1342 (1999)  View: PDF

Pressure tuning of thermal lensing for high-power scaling

Opt. Lett. 24(19), 1343-1345 (1999)  View: PDF

Nonlinear dynamics of self-pulsating laser diodes under external drive

Opt. Lett. 24(19), 1346-1348 (1999)  View: PDF

Photoinduced orientation of azo dye in various polymer matrices

Opt. Lett. 24(19), 1349-1351 (1999)  View: PDF

High photosensitivity and nanometer-scale phase separation in GeO2-SiO2 glass thin films

Opt. Lett. 24(19), 1352-1354 (1999)  View: PDF

Improved sensitivity in blue-membrane bacteriorhodopsin films

Opt. Lett. 24(19), 1355-1357 (1999)  View: PDF

Real-time in vivo imaging of human gastrointestinal ultrastructure by use of endoscopic optical coherence tomography with a novel efficient interferometer design

Opt. Lett. 24(19), 1358-1360 (1999)  View: PDF

Dispersive-scan measurement of the fast component of the third-order nonlinearity of bulk materials and waveguides

Opt. Lett. 24(19), 1361-1363 (1999)  View: PDF

Optical nonlinearity and structural phase-transition observation of organic dye-doped polymer silica hybrid material

Opt. Lett. 24(19), 1364-1366 (1999)  View: PDF

Near-field optical study of photorefractive surface waves in BaTiO3

Opt. Lett. 24(19), 1367-1369 (1999)  View: PDF

Heterodyne measurement of Wigner distributions for classical optical fields

Opt. Lett. 24(19), 1370-1372 (1999)  View: PDF

Femtosecond cubic optical nonlinearity of thin nickel films

Opt. Lett. 24(19), 1373-1375 (1999)  View: PDF

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