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15 January 1998, Volume 23, Issue 2, pp. 82-144   22 articles

Alternative explanation of specular optical activity

Opt. Lett. 23(2), 86-88 (1998)  View: PDF

Polymer-coated hollow fiber for CO<sub>2</sub> laser delivery

Opt. Lett. 23(2), 89-90 (1998)  View: PDF

Two-dimensional photonic bandgap optical limiter in the visible

Opt. Lett. 23(2), 94-96 (1998)  View: PDF

Annihilation of photorefractive solitons

Opt. Lett. 23(2), 97-99 (1998)  View: PDF

Efficient noncollinear parametric amplification of weak femtosecond pulses in the visible and near-infrared spectral range

Opt. Lett. 23(2), 100-102 (1998)  View: PDF

Direct-to-video holographic readout in quantum wells for three-dimensional imaging through turbid media

Opt. Lett. 23(2), 103-105 (1998)  View: PDF

All-fiber zero-insertion-loss add-drop filter for wavelength-division multiplexing

Opt. Lett. 23(2), 106-108 (1998)  View: PDF

Graded-index characteristics in single-crystal fibers

Opt. Lett. 23(2), 109-110 (1998)  View: PDF

Modes of UV-written planar waveguides

Opt. Lett. 23(2), 111-113 (1998)  View: PDF

Noise reduction in a mode-locked semiconductor laser by coherent photon seeding

Opt. Lett. 23(2), 114-116 (1998)  View: PDF

Coherent-absorber mode locking of solid-state lasers

Opt. Lett. 23(2), 117-119 (1998)  View: PDF

Anomalous long-range propagation of femtosecond laser pulses through air: moving focus or pulse self-guiding?

Opt. Lett. 23(2), 120-122 (1998)  View: PDF

Stable multigigahertz pulse-train formation in a short-cavity passively harmonic mode-locked erbium/ytterbium fiber laser

Opt. Lett. 23(2), 123-125 (1998)  View: PDF

Efficient and tunable diode-pumped femtosecond Yb:glass lasers

Opt. Lett. 23(2), 126-128 (1998)  View: PDF

Femtosecond Cr:forsterite laser diode pumped by a double-clad fiber

Opt. Lett. 23(2), 129-131 (1998)  View: PDF

Holographic particle velocimeter using forward scattering with filtering

Opt. Lett. 23(2), 132-134 (1998)  View: PDF

Three-dimensional location of fluorescent inhomogeneities in turbid media by scanning heterodyne holography

Opt. Lett. 23(2), 135-137 (1998)  View: PDF

Broadband square-pulse operation of a passively mode-locked fiber laser for fiber Bragg grating interrogation

Opt. Lett. 23(2), 138-140 (1998)  View: PDF

Laser-fabricated glass microlens arrays

Opt. Lett. 23(2), 141-143 (1998)  View: PDF

Cavity-mode selection in spontaneous emission from oriented molecules in a microparticle: errata

Opt. Lett. 23(2), 144-144 (1998)  View: PDF

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