We demonstrate a versatile femtosecond power amplifier using a Yb:YAG single crystal fiber operating from 10 kHz to 10 MHz. For a total pump power of 75 W, up to 30 W is generated from the double-pass power amplifier. At a repetition rate of 10 kHz, an output energy of 1 mJ is obtained after recompression. In this configuration, the pulse duration is 380 fs, corresponding to a peak power of 2.2 GW. The M2 beam quality factor is better than 1.1 for investigated parameters.

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Figures (4)

Fig. 1.
Fig. 1.

Experimental setup.

Fig. 2.
Fig. 2.

(a) Output power before compression versus pump power for different seed powers in the double-pass configuration and (b) output power versus input power at 10 MHz in single-pass and double-pass configurations for a pump power of 72 W.

Fig. 3.
Fig. 3.

Input and output energies after two passes versus the repetition rate. Inset: output beam profile for 1.3 mJ at 10 kHz output.

Fig. 4.
Fig. 4.

(a) Input and output spectrum, and (b) pulse autocorrelation for 1 mJ output at 10 kHz after recompression.