We propose and describe a physical model of polarization-dependent principal modes (PDPMs) in a given setting of dual-LP11 mode and dual-polarization transmission over weakly guiding few-mode fibers (FMFs). Proof-of-concept numerical simulations illustrate that the PDPMs do not suffer from both mode dispersion and polarization mode dispersion to first order of frequency variation, even in the presence of random spatial- and polarization-mode coupling. The proposed PDPM model can be a basic formalism for analyzing and controlling of mode coupling/dispersion-induced distortion, in the given optical multiple-input multiple-output scheme of dual-LP11 mode and dual-polarization transmission over FMFs.

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Figures (2)

Fig. 1.
Fig. 1.

Mode intensity distributions of two degenerate LP11 modes with different polarization directions: (a) LP11a x-pol.; (b) LP11a y-pol.; (c) LP11b x-pol.; and (d) LP11b y-pol.

Fig. 2.
Fig. 2.

For the given dual-LP11 and dual-polarization transmission, (a) the impulse response h(t) and bandwidth B for the PDPMs over a 1 km step-index FMF (a=14μm, Δ=0.3%) composed of independent fiber sections and (b) illustration of the PDPMs over FMFs.

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