The generation of 0.5mJ femtosecond laser pulses by coherent combining of two high power high energy fiber chirped-pulse amplifiers is reported. The system is running at a repetition frequency of 175kHz producing 88W of average power after the compressor unit. Polarizing beam splitters have been used to realize an amplifying Mach–Zehnder interferometer, which has been stabilized with a Hänsch–Couillaud measurement system. The stabilized system possesses a measured residual rms phase difference fluctuation between the two branches as low as λ/70rad at the maximum power level. The experiment proves that coherent addition of femtosecond fiber lasers can be efficiently and reliably performed at high B-integral and considerable thermal load in the individual amplifiers.

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Figures (4)

Fig. 1
Fig. 1

Experimental setup of the two channel ( CH 1 + CH 2 ) amplifying interferometer.

Fig. 2
Fig. 2

Autocorrelation traces of CH1 (red), CH2 (green), and the combined laser pulses CH 1 + CH 2 (black) compared to the autocorrelation trace of a single amplifier (blue) emitting the same amount of pulse energy.

Fig. 3
Fig. 3

Measured phase error Δ φ over a time scale of 50 s revealing an rms value of 0.09 rad corresponding to an OPD fluctuation of λ / 70 .

Fig. 4
Fig. 4

Radio frequency spectrum of the OPD with (red) and without (black) stabilization.

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HC - signal = I 1 · I 2 sin ( Δ φ ) ,