Using phase shaping, the impact of the Kerr effect in a fiber-based chirped-pulse amplification (CPA) system is experimentally controlled. The technique is based on an analytical model describing the spectral phase owing to self-phase modulation in CPA systems. The method relies neither on complex phase measurements nor on time-consuming optimization routines. Nearly transform-limited pulses with energies as high as 1mJ are produced, and a B integral being as high as 8rad is accumulated in the main amplifier. The value of the B integral is determined by the method itself.

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Figures (5)

Fig. 1
Fig. 1

Schematic of the experimental setup of the fiber-based CPA system with a phase-only pulse shaper. AOM, acousto-optical modulator; OSA, optical spectrum analyzer; AC, autocorrelator.

Fig. 2
Fig. 2

Normalized autocorrelation traces measured at B = 0 rad [light gray (green online)], and at B = 8 rad with phase-shaping [black (blue online)] and without phase shaping but with an adjustment of the compressor grating separation [dark gray (red online)].

Fig. 3
Fig. 3

Spectrum recorded with the optical spectrum analyzer (dotted curve) and corresponding spectral phase (solid curve), which is produced by the spatial light modulator at B = 8 rad .

Fig. 4
Fig. 4

Results from the phase measurement at B = 8 rad using FROG.

Fig. 5
Fig. 5

Output pulses for compensation using the model-based phase shaping, as well as only the compressor of the CPA system. Comparison of the retrieved pulses (FROG) and the theoretically expected behavior (theory) is also shown.

Equations (1)

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φ SPM ( Ω ) = B × s ( Ω ) ,