We report the fabrication, characterization and modeling of a solid-core photonic bandgap fiber with interstitial air holes between the cladding rods. The presence of these interstitial air holes leads to a great improvement of optical properties for this kind of fiber. Particularly, we demonstrate that confinement losses and bend sensitivity are substantially reduced. Our experimental results for this new solution are well supported by numerical results.

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Figures (5)

Fig. 1
Fig. 1

Scanning electron micrograph image of the PBGF with IAHs. Inset, magnified region around one Ge-doped rod, surrounded by triangular IAHs.

Fig. 2
Fig. 2

Transmission spectrum of the PBGF with IAHs through 10 m . BG orders are indicated. The circles indicate the regions where higher-order modes are guided. Core mode profiles have been recorded for different wavelengths λ.

Fig. 3
Fig. 3

Loss spectra obtained by the cutback technique for the PBGFs with (solid curve) and without (dashed curve) IAHs.

Fig. 4
Fig. 4

Transmission spectra of the PBGFs with IAHs (solid curve) and without IAHs (dashed curve) through 5 m and for ten loops of different bend radii R; ▴, straight fiber; ▵, R = 6 cm ; 엯, R = 3.75 cm ; ●, R = 2.5 cm ; ∎, R = 1.5 cm .

Fig. 5
Fig. 5

Theoretical plots of the BG boundaries for the fiber with IAHs (solid curves) and without IAHs (dashed curves). Effective indices of the fundamental (◆) and the first higher order core modes (◇) for the structure with IAHs are also represented in the third BG.