We describe what we believe to be a novel postprocessing algorithm for compensating for misregistrations between a detector array and the coherent image of a pixelated two-dimensional data page. A lookup table of baseline local offsets is combined with the dynamically measured global offset of the received data page, producing an estimate of the total lateral shift of each small block of pixels. A serial algorithm then reallocates the appropriate portion of the signal detected by each pixel to its neighbors, accounting for both the linear and the quadratic contributions introduced by coherent illumination of square-law detectors. This procedure can relax the tight constraints on page registration, optical distortion, and material shrinkage that currently hamper page-oriented holographic storage systems. Experimental results from a pixel-matched 1-Mpixel volume holographic system are presented, showing an increase in position tolerance (for a raw bit-error rate <10-3) from ±16% to ±40% of the pixel pitch.

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Figures (3)

Fig. 1
Fig. 1

Spatially blurred images of three SLM pixels p0,p1,p2 are slightly shifted relative to three CCD pixels r0,r1,r2, reducing the signal in the desired targets pixels and creating cross talk in their neighbors.

Fig. 2
Fig. 2

A 9×9 pixel pattern is imaged from SLM to CCD (a) under perfect conditions, (b) with a half-pixel offset in both x and y, and (c) after postprocessing with the shift-compensation algorithm.

Fig. 3
Fig. 3

Raw BER (with an 8:12 modulation code10) before and after shift-compensation postprocessing as a function of (a) x shift, (b) y shift, and (c) shift along the x=-y diagonal.

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