We predict self-focusing and self-trapping of optical beams propagating in unbiased centrosymmetric photorefractive crystals in the near-transition paraelectric phase, where the nonlinear response is proportional to the square of the diffusion space-charge field.

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Aξ, ζ=A0 expiϕξ, ζ1+16ζ2/μδ41/4 exp-ξ2δ21+16ζ2/μδ4×Hn2/μ1/2ξδ1+16ζ2/μδ41/2μ,
ϕξ, ζ=4ζξ2μδ41+16ζ2/μδ4-μ1/2×n+1/2arctan4ζ/μ1/2δ2.
Aξ, ζ=A0 exp-2i1+2nζ/δ2×exp-1+2nξ2/δ2.
Aξ, ζ=A0 exp-iηζξ+2ηζ2/3×Aiη/μ1/3ξ+ηζ2μ,
Aξ, ζ=A0 expiχξ-βζ×1coshβ/μ1/2ξ-2χζμ,
Aξ, ζ=A0 exp-iϕξ, ζ1-16ζ2/μδ41/4×exp-ξ2/δ21-16ζ2/μδ4,
ϕξ, ζ=4ζξ2μδ41-16ζ2/μδ4+μ1/24 lnδ2μ1/2+4ζδ2μ1/2-4ζ.