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Anniversary Review Articles

Optics Express invited prestigious and thoughtful contributors to produce a series of Review articles that celebrate the significant developments in optics the Journal has helped to establish throughout its groundbreaking 20-year history. Additional reviews will be published in the coming months, along with commentary from Editor-in-Chief Andrew Weiner.

  • Twenty years of Optics Express: invited review articles
    Andrew M. Weiner
    Opt. Express 26(8) 9415-9416 (2018)
  • Twenty years of terahertz imaging [Invited]
    Daniel M. Mittleman
    Opt. Express 26(8) 9417-9431 (2018)

    Dan Mittleman of Brown University points out that the field of terahertz (THz) imaging began around the same time as the launch of Optics Express and "has for the most part grown up alongside Optics Express." Furthermore, Optics Express has been a highly attractive venue for papers in this field. As noted by Mittleman,...

  • Several new directions for ultrafast fiber lasers [Invited]
    Walter Fu, Logan G. Wright, Pavel Sidorenko, Sterling Backus, and Frank W. Wise
    Opt. Express 26(8) 9432-9463 (2018)

    Frank Wise of Cornell University and colleagues have prepared this perspective, which is accompanied by an extensive bibliography numbering nearly 250 entries. Wise et al. point out that although nonlinearity is a key ingredient for mode-locking, mode-locked lasers have traditionally incorporated "just enough...

  • The harmonic state of quantum cascade lasers: origin, control, and prospective applications [Invited]
    Marco Piccardo, Paul Chevalier, Tobias S. Mansuripur, Dmitry Kazakov, Yongrui Wang, Noah A. Rubin, Lauren Meadowcroft, Alexey Belyanin, and Frederico Capasso
    Opt. Express 26(8) 9464-9483 (2018)

    Written by Federico Cappasso of Harvard University and a group of collaborators, this paper takes a deep dive into a current hot topic involving multimode laser operation. Multimode oscillation of interband semiconductor lasers is well known and has been extensively studied. However, the unipolar, intraband...

  • Generalized Kerker effects in nanophotonics and meta-optics [Invited]
    Wei Liu and Yuri S. Kivshar
    Opt. Express 26(10) 13085-13105 (2018)

    Also pertaining to nanophotonics is a review article by Yuri Kivshar of Australian National University and a coauthor, entitled "Generalized Kerker effects in nanophotonics and meta-optics." The Kerker effect refers to a paper by Milton Kerker et al., published in the Journal of the Optical Society of America in 1983...

  • Monolithic silicon-photonic platforms in state-of-the-art CMOS SOI processes [Invited]
    Vladimir Stojanović, Rajeev J. Ram, Milos Popović, Sen Lin, Sajjad Moazeni, Mark Wade, Chen Sun, Luca Alloatti, Amir Atabaki, Fabio Pavanello, Nandish Mehta, and Pavan Bhargava
    Opt. Express 26(10) 13106-13121 (2018)

    Silicon photonics, in which photonic devices are realized in a silicon platform, has received massive attention in recent years. Leveraging high-volume Si CMOS manufacturing platforms promises to provide high process fidelity and low cost for photonics integration with tight coupling to electronics at a...

  • Light sheet approaches for improved precision in 3D localization-based super-resolution imaging in thick samples [Invited]
    Anna-Karin Gustavsson, Petar N. Petrov, and W. E. Moerner
    Opt. Express 26(10) 13122-13147 (2018)

    William Moerner of Stanford University and his collaborators have prepared a comprehensive review of "Light sheet approaches for improved precision in 3D localization-based superresolution imaging in mammalian cells." The article introduces two hot topics in modern fluorescence microscopy, single-molecule...

  • Advances in metasurfaces: fabrications and applications [Invited]
    Vin-Cent Su, Cheng Hung Chu, Greg Sun, and Din Ping Tsai
    Opt. Express 26(10) 13148-13182 (2018)

    Metasurfaces consisting of intricate arrangements of subwavelength-thick metallic or dielectric elements offer exciting prospects both for ultrathin optics and for realization of functionalities difficult or impossible to achieve using conventional optical technologies. Since the introduction of metasurfaces less than one...

  • New! Nanophotonics with 2D transition metal dichalcogenides [Invited]
    Alex Krasnok, Sergey Lepeshov, and Andrea Alù
    Opt. Express 26(12) 15972-15994 (2018)

    Two-dimensional (atomically thin, single layers) materials are the subject of enormous research activity in condensed matter physics, electronics, optics, and other fields. The discovery of the first two-dimensional material, graphene, was recognized with a Nobel Prize in 2010. A host of additional two-dimensional materials...

  • New! Nanophotonic control of thermal radiation for energy applications [Invited]
    Wei Li and Shanhui Fan
    Opt. Express 26(12) 15995-16021 (2018)

    The science and engineering of light at the nanoscale can have significant impact in the area of sustainable energy. In an article entitled "Nanophotonic control of thermal radiation for energy applications," Shanhui Fan and coauthor at Stanford University provide a broad review of opportunities to achieve and exploit...

  • New! Photonic switching in high performance datacenters [Invited]
    Qixiang Cheng, Sébastien Rumley, Meisam Bahadori, and Keren Bergman
    Opt. Express 26(12) 16022-16043 (2018)

    In an article entitled "Photonics switching in high performance data centers," Keren Bergman and coauthors at Columbia University review optical technology alternatives and comment on the performance metrics they will have to satisfy to earn wide deployment. The continued growth in server performance and bandwidth demands in data...

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