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3 December 2012, Volume 20, Issue 25, pp. 27212-27973   73 articles


Adaptive Optics

An innovative and efficient method to control the shape of push-pull membrane deformable mirror

Opt. Express 20(25), 27922-27932 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

Beam wandering statistics of twin thin laser beam propagation under generalized atmospheric conditions

Opt. Express 20(25), 27766-27780 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (4)]

Coherence and Statistical Optics

Longitudinal polarization periodicity of unpolarized light passing through a double wedge depolarizer

Opt. Express 20(25), 27348-27360 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF


GeSn/Ge heterostructure short-wave infrared photodetectors on silicon

Opt. Express 20(25), 27297-27303 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Diffraction and Gratings

Three-level filter for increased depth of focus and Bessel beam generation

Opt. Express 20(25), 27212-27221 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

A diffractive mechanism of focusing

Opt. Express 20(25), 27253-27262 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Planar Bragg grating in bulk Polymethylmethacrylate

Opt. Express 20(25), 27288-27296 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Experimental realization of a high-contrast grating based broadband quarter-wave plate

Opt. Express 20(25), 27966-27973 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Correcting for spatial-resolution degradation mechanisms in OFDR via inline auxiliary points

Opt. Express 20(25), 27465-27472 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Demonstration of low power penalty of silicon Mach–Zehnder modulator in long-haul transmission

Opt. Express 20(25), 27562-27568 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear signal-noise interactions in dispersion managed coherent PM-QPSK systems in the presence of PMD

Opt. Express 20(25), 27596-27602 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Analytical modeling of a single channel nonlinear fiber optic system based on QPSK

Opt. Express 20(25), 27740-27755 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Precise tailoring of acoustic velocity in optical fibers by hydrogenation and UV exposure

Opt. Express 20(25), 27810-27819 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Blind, fast and SOP independent polarization recovery for square dual polarization–MQAM formats and optical coherent receivers

Opt. Express 20(25), 27847-27865 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Miniature micro-wire based optical fiber-field access device

Opt. Express 20(25), 27874-27887 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Generation and detection of 240-Gb/s PDM-64QAM using optical binary synthesizing approach and phase-folded decision-directed equalization

Opt. Express 20(25), 27933-27940 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF


Wide angle holographic display system with spatiotemporal multiplexing

Opt. Express 20(25), 27473-27481 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Fast calculation of computer-generated hologram using the circular symmetry of zone plates

Opt. Express 20(25), 27496-27502 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Image Processing

Terahertz deconvolution

Opt. Express 20(25), 27230-27241 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Imaging Systems

Dual-camera enabled real-time three-dimensional integral imaging pick-up and display

Opt. Express 20(25), 27304-27311 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Color image projection through a strongly scattering wall

Opt. Express 20(25), 27312-27318 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Liquid crystal polymer full-stokes division of focal plane polarimeter

Opt. Express 20(25), 27393-27409 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Computational superposition compound eye imaging for extended depth-of-field and field-of-view

Opt. Express 20(25), 27482-27495 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Real scene capturing using spherical single-element lens camera and improved restoration algorithm for radially variant blur

Opt. Express 20(25), 27569-27588 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Hyperspectral all-sky imaging of auroras

Opt. Express 20(25), 27650-27660 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (3)]

Analytical and experimental determination of signal-to-noise ratio and figure of merit in three phase-contrast imaging techniques

Opt. Express 20(25), 27670-27690 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology

Verification of polarising optics for the LISA optical bench

Opt. Express 20(25), 27273-27287 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Multi-gigahertz frequency comb-based interferometry using frequency-variable supercontinuum generated by optical pulse synthesizer

Opt. Express 20(25), 27820-27829 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Displacement interferometry with stabilization of wavelength in air

Opt. Express 20(25), 27830-27837 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Modal decomposition without a priori scale information

Opt. Express 20(25), 27866-27873 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Integrated Optics

Simultaneous RZ-OOK to NRZ-OOK and RZ-DPSK to NRZ-DPSK format conversion in a silicon microring resonator

Opt. Express 20(25), 27263-27272 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Cascaded modulator architecture for WDM applications

Opt. Express 20(25), 27420-27428 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Efficient photo-thermal activation of gold nanoparticle-doped polymer plasmonic switches

Opt. Express 20(25), 27636-27649 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Dispersion engineering of thick high-Q silicon nitride ring-resonators via atomic layer deposition

Opt. Express 20(25), 27661-27669 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

SNAP: Fabrication of long coupled microresonator chains with sub-angstrom precision

Opt. Express 20(25), 27896-27901 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Laser Microfabrication

Refractive index-modified structures in glass written by 266nm fs laser pulses

Opt. Express 20(25), 27410-27419 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Characterization of ejected fused silica particles following surface breakdown with nanosecond pulses

Opt. Express 20(25), 27708-27724 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Lasers and Laser Optics

Versatile large-mode-area femtosecond laser-written Tm:ZBLAN glass chip lasers

Opt. Express 20(25), 27503-27509 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Simultaneous pulse generation of orthogonally polarized dual-wavelength at 1091 and 1095 nm by coupled stimulated Raman scattering

Opt. Express 20(25), 27838-27846 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Wavelength-tunable picosecond soliton fiber laser with Topological Insulator: Bi2Se3 as a mode locker

Opt. Express 20(25), 27888-27895 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

2.32 THz quantum cascade laser frequency-locked to the harmonic of a microwave synthesizer source

Opt. Express 20(25), 27908-27914 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Low repetition rate SESAM modelocked VECSEL using an extendable active multipass-cavity approach

Opt. Express 20(25), 27915-27921 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Continuous-wave intra-cavity singly resonant optical parametric oscillator with resonant wave output coupling

Opt. Express 20(25), 27953-27958 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Machine Vision

Calibration of a trinocular system formed with wide angle lens cameras

Opt. Express 20(25), 27691-27696 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF


Correlation between emission property and concentration of Sn2+ center in the SnO-ZnO-P2O5 glass

Opt. Express 20(25), 27319-27326 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF


Ultrathin multi-band planar metamaterial absorber based on standing wave resonances

Opt. Express 20(25), 27756-27765 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF


Three dimensional HiLo-based structured illumination for a digital scanned laser sheet microscopy (DSLM) in thick tissue imaging

Opt. Express 20(25), 27337-27347 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear Optics

Power instability of singly resonant optical parametric oscillators: Theory and experiment

Opt. Express 20(25), 27442-27455 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Mid-infrared optical parametric amplifier based on a LGSe crystal and pumped at 1.6 μm.

Opt. Express 20(25), 27456-27464 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Sub-50 fs pulses around 2070 nm from a synchronously-pumped, degenerate OPO

Opt. Express 20(25), 27589-27595 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Devices

A holographic projection system with an electrically tuning and continuously adjustable optical zoom

Opt. Express 20(25), 27222-27229 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

New application of liquid crystal lens of active polarized filter for micro camera

Opt. Express 20(25), 27520-27528 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Light extraction by directional sources within optically dense media

Opt. Express 20(25), 27530-27541 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Analytical study on arbitrary waveform generation by MEMS micro mirror arrays

Opt. Express 20(25), 27542-27553 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Trapping and Manipulation

Photovoltaic effect of light carrying orbital angular momentum on a semiconducting stripe

Opt. Express 20(25), 27792-27799 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Optics at Surfaces

Modified light emission from emitters coupled to long-range guided modes in strongly absorbing layers

Opt. Express 20(25), 27554-27561 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Pitch-dependent resonances and near-field coupling in infrared nanoantenna arrays

Opt. Express 20(25), 27725-27739 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Plasmonic resonances in diffractive arrays of gold nanoantennas: near and far field effects

Opt. Express 20(25), 27941-27952 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF


Luminescence properties, crystal structure and LED package of potential blue-emitting phosphors - Ca2BN2F:Eu2+

Opt. Express 20(25), 27361-27366 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Valence subband coupling effect on polarization of spontaneous emissions from Al-rich AlGaN/AlN Quantum Wells

Opt. Express 20(25), 27384-27392 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultra-broad band, low power, highly efficient coherent wavelength conversion in quantum dot SOA

Opt. Express 20(25), 27902-27907 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Photonic Crystals and Devices

Bidirectional scatter measurements of a guided-mode resonant filter photonic crystal structure

Opt. Express 20(25), 27242-27252 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Tuning of split-ladder cavity by its intrinsic nano-deformation

Opt. Express 20(25), 27697-27707 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Physical Optics

Position measurement of non-integer OAM beams with structurally invariant propagation

Opt. Express 20(25), 27429-27441 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Quantum Optics

Downconversion quantum interface for a single quantum dot spin and 1550-nm single-photon channel

Opt. Express 20(25), 27510-27519 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF


Highly sensitive liquid-level sensor based on dual-wavelength double-ring fiber laser assisted by beat frequency interrogation

Opt. Express 20(25), 27367-27376 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Solar Energy

Plasmonic nano-antenna a-Si:H solar cell

Opt. Express 20(25), 27327-27336 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF


Kinetics of pulse-induced photoluminescence from a semiconductor quantum dot

Opt. Express 20(25), 27612-27635 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Thin Films

Long-range guided THz radiation by thin layers of water

Opt. Express 20(25), 27781-27791 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultrafast Optics

Inhibiting the TE1-mode diffraction losses in terahertz parallel-plate waveguides using concave plates

Opt. Express 20(25), 27800-27809 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

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