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Spatial and Polarization Dynamics of Semiconductor Lasers

Transverse-Mode Dynamics in Edge-Emitting lasers

9352 Spatio temporal emission dynamics of ridge waveguide laser diodes: Picosecond pulsing and switching M. O. Ziegler, M. Munkel, T. Burkhard, G. Jennemann, I. Fischer and W. Elsaesser

9362 Modeling semiconductor amplifiers and lasers: from microscopic physics to device simulation J. V. Moloney, R. A. Indik, J. Hade and S. W. Koch

9374 Spatiotemporal dynamics and high-frequency self-pulsations in two-section distributed feedback lasers Xinhong Wang, Guifang Li, Jin Hong and Stephen A. Pappert

Transverse-Mode Dynamics in VCSELs

9346 Design of a top spatial filter Bragg waveguide vertical cavity surface emitting laser Michael G. Greally, Matt J. Steer, Jon E. F. Frost, Jowan Masum, Jon Woodhead and Mike J. Adams

9357 High frequency beam steering induced by transverse mode switching in VCSELs: optical gain and waveguiding effects A. Valle, P. Rees, L. Pesquera and K. A. Shore

9361 Simulation results on transverse optical confinement in airpost, regrown and oxidized VCSEL structures Peter Bienstman, Bart Demeulenaere, Bart Dhoedt and Roel Baets

9372 Transverse mode structure and pattern formation in oxide confined vertical cavity semiconductor lasers S. P. Hegarty, G. Huyet, P. Porta, J. G. McInerney, K. D. Choquette, K. M. Geib and H. Q. Hou

9393 Microscopic modeling and simulation of transverse mode dynamics of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers C. Z. Ning and P. M. Goorjian

Microcavity Solitons

9395 Cavity solitons in bulk semiconductor microcavities. I. Microscopic model and modulational instabilities G. Tissoni, L. Spinelli, M. Brambilla, T. Maggipinto, I. Perrini and L. A. Lugiato

9396 Cavity solitons in bulk semiconductor microcavities. II. Dynamical properties and control G. Tissoni, L. Spinelli, M. Brambilla, T. Maggipinto, I. Perrini and L. A. Lugiato

Polarization Dynamics in VCSELs

9358 The effect of photon energy dependent loss and gain mechanisms on polarization switching in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers B. Ryvkin, K. Panajotov, A. Georgievski, J. Danckaert, M. Peeters, G. Verschaffelt, H. Thienpont and I. Veretennicoff

9414 Polarization dynamics in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers with optical feedback: experiment and model M. Giudici, S. Balle, T. Ackemann, S. Barland and J. R. Tredicce

Laser Noise

9336 Noise behavior of pulsed vertical-cavity, surface-emitting lasers T. W. S. Garrison, M. Beck and D. H. Christensen

9356 Transverse mode selection and noise properties of external cavity VCSELsincluding multiple reflection effects J. Dellunde, A. Valle, L. Pesquera and K. A. Shore

9360 Spatial quantum noise of semiconductor lasers J.-P. Hermier, A. Bramati, A. Z. Khoury, E. Giacobino, J.-Ph. Poizat, T. J. Chang and Ph. Grangier

9366 Quantum noise in VCSEL’s with polarization competition Gian Paolo Bava, Laura Fratta and Pierluigi Debernardi

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