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1 August 2014, Volume 81, Issue 8, pp. 422-484  
14 articles

Foreword from the editor of this issue

J. Opt. Technol. 81(8), 422-422 (2014)  View: PDF

Broad-band sources of single-photon pulses, based on spontaneous parametric scattering in nonlinear impurity crystals

J. Opt. Technol. 81(8), 423-426 (2014)  View: PDF

How scatter of the experimental parameters affects the statistical characteristics of a quantum random-number generator

J. Opt. Technol. 81(8), 427-430 (2014)  View: PDF

How plasma preprocessing affects the luminescence properties of porous silicon

J. Opt. Technol. 81(8), 431-434 (2014)  View: PDF

The mechanism of laser-stimulated desorption/ionization of nitroaromatic compounds from a nanoporous silicon surface at atmospheric pressure

J. Opt. Technol. 81(8), 435-438 (2014)  View: PDF

Photoinduced dissociation of complexes of cadmium selenide quantum dots with azo dye molecules

J. Opt. Technol. 81(8), 439-443 (2014)  View: PDF

Investigation of biocompatible complexes of Mn2+-doped ZnS quantum dots with chlorin e6

J. Opt. Technol. 81(8), 444-448 (2014)  View: PDF

A porous matrix for studying the optical properties of systems of close-packed quantum dots

J. Opt. Technol. 81(8), 449-453 (2014)  View: PDF

Femtosecond filamentation of Bessel–Gaussian beams under conditions of anomalous group-velocity dispersion

J. Opt. Technol. 81(8), 454-459 (2014)  View: PDF

Evolution of the width of a one-and-a-half-cycle optical pulse in a nonlinear dielectric medium

J. Opt. Technol. 81(8), 460-463 (2014)  View: PDF

Experimental studies of the possibilities of diagnosing caries in the solid tissues of a tooth by means of terahertz radiation

J. Opt. Technol. 81(8), 464-467 (2014)  View: PDF

Determining the working band of frequencies of a pulsed terahertz spectrometer

J. Opt. Technol. 81(8), 468-471 (2014)  View: PDF

Features of the production of glasses for claddings of rigid multimode optical fiber

J. Opt. Technol. 81(8), 472-480 (2014)  View: PDF

Measurement complex based on the LabVIEW system for a fluorescence study of quantum dots

J. Opt. Technol. 81(8), 481-484 (2014)  View: PDF

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