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1 July 2005, Volume 72, Issue 7, pp. 501-576   16 articles

Evidence of cluster translational vibrational dynamics in the low-frequency IR spectra of molecular liquids

J. Opt. Technol. 72(7), 501-507 (2005)  View: PDF

Bound-free transitions in the spectrum of ArKr

J. Opt. Technol. 72(7), 508-510 (2005)  View: PDF

Multiphonon Bragg scattering of light in single-crystal paratellurite

J. Opt. Technol. 72(7), 511-514 (2005)  View: PDF

Investigating the structural characteristics of monomeric layers of polymers by means of Fourier spectroscopy

J. Opt. Technol. 72(7), 515-519 (2005)  View: PDF

Noncovalent solubilization of nanoheterogeneous astralene-based structures. The photochemical factor in optical limitation on carbon suspensions

J. Opt. Technol. 72(7), 520-523 (2005)  View: PDF

Mathematical model of the propagation of light in the microcapillaries of biological tissues

J. Opt. Technol. 72(7), 524-529 (2005)  View: PDF

The dispersive system of a spectropolarimeter with quasi-linear chromatism

J. Opt. Technol. 72(7), 540-543 (2005)  View: PDF

Electric-discharge source of steady-state UV-VUV radiation from iodine atoms and iodine-containing molecules

J. Opt. Technol. 72(7), 544-547 (2005)  View: PDF

Microstructured lightguides with a quartz core for obtaining a spectral supercontinuum in the femtosecond range

J. Opt. Technol. 72(7), 548-550 (2005)  View: PDF

Hollow-core photonic-crystal lightguide for nonlinear spectroscopy of gaseous media

J. Opt. Technol. 72(7), 551-553 (2005)  View: PDF

Fractal analysis of the process of multistage assembly of highly ordered fiber and capillary structures

J. Opt. Technol. 72(7), 554-559 (2005)  View: PDF

The effect of oxygen on the surface absorptivity of tantalum in the mid-IR region

J. Opt. Technol. 72(7), 560-563 (2005)  View: PDF

Measuring the light-attenuation coefficients of germanium and paratellurite crystals

J. Opt. Technol. 72(7), 564-571 (2005)  View: PDF

The relationship between mechanical stresses and optical anomalies in germanium and paratellurite

J. Opt. Technol. 72(7), 572-576 (2005)  View: PDF

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