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Early Posting

Optica Publishing Group now publishes accepted articles for JOSA A, JOSA B, Optics Letters, Applied Optics and Photonics Research to an Early Posting page as soon as they have been cleared for production. Early Posting articles are presented in their manuscript format as supplied by the author, and they are removed from the page once the final version has been published in an issue.

The articles are grouped according to month of acceptance, and the following information is displayed: article title, listing of authors, abstract, dates manuscript received and accepted, and link to full-text PDF. If you have any questions please review the information in the below FAQ page, or contact us.

To view the Early Posting websites please click on the below links:

Early Posting FAQ

Are Early Posting articles considered published?

Yes, Early Posting articles are considered published.

Can I make changes to my Early Posting article?

Early Posting articles are published as they appeared at the time of acceptance. Any necessary changes should be made during the copyediting and page proof cycle.

How do I link to an Early Posting article?

The following syntax can be used to create a hyperlink to an Early Posting article. Append the manuscript id number (which appears in both the HTML and PDF records—shown in green below) to the following URL:


Note the following:

(i) Authors who wish to make preprints or final versions available through a personal website should obtain authorization from Optica Publishing Group and provide a link to the version of record (see the author posting policy).

(2) Once the final version of a manuscript has been published, the URL will automatically resolve to the final, not the Early Posting, version (the Early Posting version is removed once the final article has been published).

How do I cite an Early Posting article?

Early Posting articles should be cited as in the example below. Note that titles and other information is subject to change during the production cycle. Electronic links should not be made to Early Posting articles because each article is removed from the Early Posting page once the final version of the article has been published.

Citation for an Early Posting Article:

D. W. Diehl and T. D. Visser, "Phase singularities of the longitudinal field components in the focal region of a high-aperture optical system," J. Opt. Soc. Am. A, doc. ID 56789 (posted 11 November 2005, in press).

My paper was accepted several days ago. Why doesn't it appear on the Early Posting page?

Some articles are accepted with optional revisions, and we allow authors to make such revisions before we post the article. We also perform a final quality check on all articles to ensure that no figures or other items are missing; we do not publish articles until they clear the internal quality check to avoid publishing incomplete or problem files.

Can I access Early Posting articles after the final version is published?

No, Early Posting articles are not archived on the Optica Publishing Group website. The final version published in the journal issue is the version of record.

Do I need a subscription to view the Early Posting full text PDF files?

Access available via an institutional subscription. A pay-per-view option will be offered shortly.

Can I post an Early Posting article on my personal or institution's website?

Individuals must contact us (copyright@optica.org) for permission to post an Early Posting article, or any published Optica Publishing Group article, on a personal or institution's website. The final published article is the version of record. Authors may post the Early Posting PDF on their website. Authors are instructed to replace the Early Posting PDF with a link to the abstract page of their final published article.

How does Early Posting affect my patent application?

Patent application guidelines vary from country to country. Please consult the appropriate guidelines before you submit a manuscript to any journal. For U.S. Patents, the application must be filed within one year of the work being made publicly available. Optica Publishing Group's Early Posting constitutes publication-making a description of the invention publicly available. In some countries the patent application must be filed on the same date a work is made publicly available.

Can I opt out of the Early Posting service for my paper?

Currently all accepted papers are automatically moved to the Early Posting site for , JOSA A, JOSA B, and Optics Letters. Please contact journal staff immediately upon acceptance in order to have your paper removed from Early Posting. However, please be aware that the Early Posting version may have already been indexed by Google and other web search engines that index content in Optica Publishing Group.

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