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Recently Published
Fast, wide-field and distortion-free telescope with curved detectors for surveys at ultralow surface brightness

Eduard Muslimov, David Valls-Gabaud, Gérard Lemaître, Emmanuel Hugot, Wilfred Jahn, Simona Lombardo, Xin Wang, Pascal Vola, and Marc Ferrari
Appl. Opt. 56(31) 8639-8647 (2017)

Label-free fiber optic optrode for the detection of class C β-lactamases expressed by drug resistant bacteria

Simona Zuppolini, Giuseppe Quero, Marco Consales, Laura Diodato, Patrizio Vaiano, Alberto Venturelli, Matteo Santucci, Francesca Spyrakis, Maria P. Costi, Michele Giordano, Antonello Cutolo, Andrea Cusano, and Anna Borriello
Biomed. Opt. Express 8(11) 5191-5205 (2017)

Tunable dual-channel filter based on an add-drop resonator Sagnac interferometer

Kai Ma, Yundong Zhang, Yongfeng Wu, Huaiyin Su, Xuenan Zhang, and Ping Yuan
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 34(11) 2400-2405 (2017)

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Top Downloads for September 2017
  1. Ballistic and snake photon imaging for locating optical endomicroscopy fibres
  2. Polarization coherence theorem
  3. Lensless computational imaging through deep learning
  4. Towards quantum communications in free-space seawater
  5. Focusing light by wavefront shaping through disorder and nonlinearity
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Spotlight on Optics
Mid-infrared nanospectroscopy of Berreman mode and epsilon-near-zero local field confinement in thin films
Summary by Johann Toudert

Atomic force infrared spectroscopy reveals the nature of vibrational epsilon-near-zero polariton modes in thin films....

Tunable insertion of multiple lines into a Kerr frequency comb using electro-optical modulators
Summary by Radan Slavik

The key property of optical frequency combs is a stable frequency relation among the comb tones. An ideal optical comb...

Improving emission uniformity and linearizing band dispersion in nanowire arrays using quasi-aperiodicity
Summary by Ilya Shadrivov

Arrays of nanopillars can act as efficient lasers; however, one of the obstacles for the use of such structures is that...

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