We have developed a high-performance signal-processing and image-rendering heterogeneous computation system for optical coherence tomography (OCT) on mobile processor. In this paper, we reveal it by demonstrating real-time OCT image processing using a Snapdragon 800 mobile processor, with the introduction of a heterogeneous image visualization architecture (HIVA) to accelerate the signal-processing and image-visualization procedures. HIVA has been designed to maximize the computational performances of a mobile processor by using a native language compiler, which targets mobile processor, to directly access mobile-processor computing resources and the open computing language (OpenCL) for heterogeneous computation. The developed mobile image processing platform requires only 25 ms to produce an OCT image from 512 × 1024 OCT data. This is 617 times faster than the naïve approach without HIVA, which requires more than 15 s. The developed platform can produce 40 OCT images per second, to facilitate real-time mobile OCT image visualization. We believe this study would facilitate the development of portable diagnostic image visualization with medical imaging modality, which requires computationally expensive procedures, using a mobile processor.

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