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1 August 2012, Volume 3, Issue 8, pp. 1757-1963   17 articles


Optical Coherence Tomography

Multispectral nanoparticle contrast agents for true-color spectroscopic optical coherence tomography

Biomed. Opt. Express 3(8), 1914-1923 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Active and Adaptive Optics

Limitations to adaptive optics image quality in rodent eyes

Biomed. Opt. Express 3(8), 1811-1824 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

3D resolved mapping of optical aberrations in thick tissues

Biomed. Opt. Express 3(8), 1898-1913 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (7)]

Cell Studies

Generalized cell morphological parameters based on interferometric phase microscopy and their application to cell life cycle characterization

Biomed. Opt. Express 3(8), 1757-1773 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Endoscopes, Catheters and Micro-Optics

Dual-channel spectrally encoded endoscopic probe

Biomed. Opt. Express 3(8), 1855-1864 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Dual-mode laparoscopic fluorescence image-guided surgery using a single camera

Biomed. Opt. Express 3(8), 1880-1890 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Flexible transbronchial optical frequency domain imaging smart needle for biopsy guidance

Biomed. Opt. Express 3(8), 1947-1954 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Image Processing

Motion correction of in vivo three-dimensional optical coherence tomography of human skin using a fiducial marker

Biomed. Opt. Express 3(8), 1774-1786 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF


Structured oblique illumination microscopy for enhanced resolution imaging of non-fluorescent, coherently scattering samples

Biomed. Opt. Express 3(8), 1841-1854 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Focal switching of photochromic fluorescent proteins enables multiphoton microscopy with superior image contrast

Biomed. Opt. Express 3(8), 1955-1963 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Ophthalmology Applications

Light scattering from edematous human corneal grafts’ microstructure: experimental study and electromagnetic modelization

Biomed. Opt. Express 3(8), 1793-1810 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Coherence Tomography

Strain estimation in phase-sensitive optical coherence elastography

Biomed. Opt. Express 3(8), 1865-1879 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Traps, Manipulation, and Tracking

Trapping and rotating microparticles and bacteria with moiré-based optical propelling beams

Biomed. Opt. Express 3(8), 1891-1897 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (11)]

Optics in Cancer Research

Auto-fluorescence lifetime and light reflectance spectroscopy for breast cancer diagnosis: potential tools for intraoperative margin detection

Biomed. Opt. Express 3(8), 1825-1840 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Spectroscopic Diagnostics

Spectral discrimination between normal and leukemic human sera using delayed luminescence

Biomed. Opt. Express 3(8), 1787-1792 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

Measurement of the oxidation state of mitochondrial cytochrome c from the neocortex of the mammalian brain

Biomed. Opt. Express 3(8), 1933-1946 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

X-Ray Microscopy and Imaging

Nondestructive volumetric imaging of tissue microstructure with benchtop x-ray phase-contrast tomography and critical point drying

Biomed. Opt. Express 3(8), 1924-1932 (2012)  View: HTML | PDF

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