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Klaus Schäfer, Jörg Heland, Dave H. Lister, Chris W. Wilson, Roger J. Howes, Robert S. Falk, Erwin Lindermeir, Manfred Birk, Georg Wagner, Peter Haschberger, Marc Bernard, Olivier Legras, Peter Wiesen, Ralf Kurtenbach, Klaus J. Brockmann, Volker Kriesche, Moira Hilton, Gary Bishop, Roy Clarke, John Workman, Michael Caola, Rachel Geatches, Roger Burrows, John D. Black, Philippe Hervé, and Johanna Vally, "Nonintrusive optical measurements of aircraft engine exhaust emissions and comparison with standard intrusive techniques," Appl. Opt. 39, 441-455 (2000)

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