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  • Conoscopic Alignment Methods for Birefringent Optical Elements in Fusion Lasers

    Guardalben, M.J.
    • 1997
    • Applied Optics 36(34) 9107-9108  View: HTML | PDF

    The alignment of birefringent crystals for use as wave plates and nonlinear frequency converters in high-power, low-repetition-rate laser systems, such as those used for laser fusion, is greatly facil...

  • Stabilized 20 GHz LiNbO3 Polarization Scrambler

    Shimotsu, S.; Saitoh, T.; Oikawa, S.; Kiuchi, K.; Minowa, J.
    • 1997
    • Applied Optics 36(34) 9091-9091  View: HTML | PDF

    We developed a polarization scrambler with an embedded polarizer, angled at approximately 45° on the input side of the waveguide. The degree of polarization (DOP) of this scrambler is highly stable wi...

  • More on the Accurate Measurement of Refractive Indices

    Wolfe, William L.
    • 1994
    • Applied Optics 33(34) 8129-8130  View: HTML | PDF

    Measurement of refractive indices using the normal-incidence procedure and its relationship to the general and minimum deviation method are described....

  • Uses of Microfiche Viewers

    Goodman, Douglas S.
    • 1994
    • Applied Optics 33(34) 8105-8105  View: HTML | PDF


  • A Novel Method for Measuring the Vertical Birefringence of Optical Disk Substrates

    Mansuripur, M.; Hsieh, Yung-Chieh
    • 1994
    • Applied Optics 33(34) 8112-8115  View: HTML | PDF

    We describe a simple method of measuring vertical birefringence over the entire surface of an optical disk substrate. Our design consists of a linearly polarized He-Ne laser (1-2 mW) and a CCD camera ...

  • Specifying Dispersion in the Design of Diffractive Optics

    O'Shea, Donald C.
    • 1994
    • Applied Optics 33(34) 8124-8124  View: HTML | PDF

    The chromatic aberration of a diffractive optical surface can be specified within a lens design program using the Sweatt model1 by choosing the fictitious high refractive index equal to its correspond...

  • Dynamic Recording Using a TDI Camera

    Asundi, A.; Sajan, M. R.
    • 1994
    • Applied Optics 33(34) 8102-8105  View: HTML | PDF

    Dynamic recording of physical events is an interesting and challenging problem for scientists and artists. Application of a digital camera for dynamic recording and analysis is presented. Some experim...

  • Materials for Birefringent Coatings

    Wu, Q.; Hodgkinson, I. J.
    • 1994
    • Applied Optics 33(34) 8109-8110  View: HTML | PDF

    We discuss recent developments in methods for monitoring the anisotropic growth and properties of tilted columnar films and present results for the perpendicular incidence birefringence of aluminum ox...

  • Zernike Circle Polynomials and Optical Aberrations of Systems with Circular Pupils

    Mahajan, Virendra N.
    • 1994
    • Applied Optics 33(34) 8121-8124  View: HTML | PDF

    Zernike circle polynomials, their numbering scheme, and relationship to balanced optical aberrations of systems with circular pupils are discussed....

  • A Versatile Optical Alignment Tool

    Naylor, David A.
    • 1994
    • Applied Optics 33(34) 8111-8112  View: HTML | PDF

    An optical alignment tool is described, which acts like an optical tee to produce two collinear beams whose direction can be adjusted. The device can be used to align optical subsystems....

  • The Precision Polishing of Bismuth Silicate and Bismuth Germanate

    Prochnow, Eberhard; Edwards, David F.; Shukla, R. P.; Choi, J.; Aggarwal, M. D.
    • 1994
    • Applied Optics 33(34) 8101-8101  View: HTML | PDF

    A recipe is given for the polishing of precise surfaces on crystals of bismuth silicate (BSO) and bismuth germanate (BGO). Using this recipe, crystals having surface figure better than 1/10 wave, roug...

  • Folk Wisdom in Optical Design

    Smart, Anthony E.
    • 1994
    • Applied Optics 33(34) 8130-8132  View: HTML | PDF

    Building optical systems that actually meet specifications requires more than a knowledge of optics and the use of contemporary design codes. Excellence also comes with a kind of “street” knowledge, l...

  • Zernike Annular Polynomials and Optical Aberrations of Systems with Annular Pupils

    Mahajan, By Virendra N.
    • 1994
    • Applied Optics 33(34) 8125-8127  View: HTML | PDF

    Zernike annular polynomials that represent orthogonal and balanced aberrations suitable for systems with annular pupils are described. Their numbering scheme is the same as for Zernike circle polynomi...

  • Room Illumination without Degrading Narrow-Band Detection

    Jutamulia, Suganda
    • 1994
    • Applied Optics 33(34) 8120-8120  View: HTML | PDF

    A pair of complementary spectral filters can be used to block detector background illumination and provide bright illumination for an operator in a room....

  • Three-channel Homodyne Interferometer

    Greco, V.; Iemmi, C.; Ledesma, S.; Molesini, G.; Quercioli, F.
    • 1994
    • Applied Optics 33(34) 8115-8116  View: HTML | PDF

    A three-channel homodyne interferometer based on a structured delay plate is described. Detection and data acquisition are performed with standard optoelectronics in a PC environment. The device, whic...

  • Integrated Optics Pockels Cell—Choice of Crystal Cut and Waveguide Orientation

    Rahmatian, Farnoosh; Jaeger, Nicolas A. F.
    • 1994
    • Applied Optics 33(34) 8127-8129  View: HTML | PDF

    Several benefits are realized when one chooses a z-propagating waveguide in a y-cut substrate of lithium niobate for use in an integrated optics Pockels cell: (1) waveguide can be biased by controllin...

  • Image Rotation

    Ginsberg, Robert H.
    • 1994
    • Applied Optics 33(34) 8105_1-8108  View: HTML | PDF

    A simple equation is presented that describes the rotation of art image by a mirror or prism, and that can be used to calculate the amount of image rotation in a complex optical system. The equation a...

  • Polarimetric Detection of Land Sediment Runoff into the Ocean Using Space Shuttle Imagery

    Egan, W. G.; Sidran, M.
    • 1994
    • Applied Optics 33(34) 8117-8119  View: HTML | PDF

    A new technique employing optical polarization is used to examine polarized radiation scattered by the sea in a region west of the Island of Hawaii. The technique is a very sensitive indicator of land...

  • Fiber-coupled Laser Diode Mount for Interferometry

    de Groot, Peter
    • 1993
    • Applied Optics 32(34) 7122-7123  View: HTML | PDF

    One of the most difficult aspects of working with laser diodes in the laboratory is their sensitivity to optical feedback. This problem is particularly troublesome when trying to couple the laser ligh...

  • Infrared Collimator System

    Shafer, David
    • 1993
    • Applied Optics 32(34) 7117-7118  View: HTML | PDF

    A system of three spherical mirrors can be used as a replacement for an off-axis parabolic mirror collimator. The system is more compact and has ~2.5× larger diffraction-limited field of view....

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