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The editors of Applied Optics have selected articles from a variety of topic areas that reflect the progression of each area over Applied Optics' history.

These collections and the articles within them are not meant to be comprehensive but authoritative, showing that significant contributions were made and continue to be made in these areas.

For this collection, we are focusing on lasers and have provided a selection of 26 articles for your reading pleasure.

Continuous Optically Pumped Cs Laser
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 1 Issue 4, pp.513-516 (1962)
  • Rabinowitz, P; Jacobs, S; Gould, G
Stimulated Emission of Infrared Radiation from Ytterbium Activated Silicate Glass
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 1 Issue 4, pp.534-536 (1962)
  • Etzel, H W; Gandy, H W; Ginther, R J
Reflecting Prisms for Dispersive Optical Maser Cavities
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 3 Issue 3, pp.431-432 (1964)
  • White, A D
Amplification in a Fiber Laser
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 3 Issue 10, pp.1182-1186 (1964)
  • Koester, Charles J; Snitzer, Elias
Semiconductor Lasers
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 5 Issue 10, pp.1514-1528 (1966)
  • Nathan, Marshall I
Crystalline Solid Lasers
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 5 Issue 10, pp.1474-1486 (1966)
  • Kiss, Z J; Pressley, R J
A Comparison of Lamps for Use in High Continuous Power Nd:YAG Lasers
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 8 Issue 9, pp.1875-1878 (1969)
  • Liberman, I; Grassel, R L
Concentration and Dye Length Dependence of Organic Dye Laser Spectra
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 8 Issue 2, pp.363-366 (1969)
  • Farmer, G I; Huth, B G; Taylor, L M; Kagan, M R
CO2 Laser Pumping by a dc-Tesla Coil Combination
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 9 Issue 6, pp.1485-1485 (1970)
  • Dobrov, W I; Washwell, E R
Transfer chemical laser: modeling of a cw DF-CO2 laser
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 15 Issue 5, pp.1164-1171 (1976)
  • Zelazny, S W; Blauer, J A; Wood, L; Sentman, L H; Solomon, W C
Laser feedback: its effect on laser frequency
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 15 Issue 5, pp.1119-1120 (1976)
  • Brannon, Paul J
Short-cavity picosecond dye laser design
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 18 Issue 4, pp.532-535 (1979)
  • Cox, A J; Scott, Gary W
A Nd3+-doped cw fiber laser using all-fiber reflectors
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 26 Issue 11, pp.2197-2201 (1987)
  • Miller, lain D; Mortimore, David B; Urquhart, Paul; Ainslie, B James; Craig, Susan P; Millar, Colin A; Payne, David B
Titanium sapphire laser characteristics
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 27 Issue 13, pp.2677-2684 (1988)
  • Rapoport, W R; Khattak, Chandra P
Average power limits of diode-laser-pumped solid state lasers
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 29 Issue 12, pp.1765-1771 (1990)
  • Basu, Santanu; Byer, Robert L
Modeling of quasi-three-level lasers and operation of cw Yb:YAG lasers
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 36 Issue 9, pp.1867-1874 (1997)
  • Taira, Takunori; Tulloch, William M; Byer, Robert L
Resonant loop mirror with narrow-band reflections and its application in single-frequency fiber lasers
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 36 Issue 3, pp.593-596 (1997)
  • Paschotta, R; Brinck, D J B; Farwell, S G; Hanna, D C
Effective Utilization of Quantum-Cascade Distributed-Feedback Lasers in Absorption Spectroscopy
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 39 Issue 24, pp.4425-4430 (2000)
  • Kosterev, Anatoliy A; Curl, Robert F; Tittel, Frank K; Gmachl, Claire; Capasso, Federico; Sivco, Deborah L; Baillargeon, James N; Hutchinson, Albert L; Cho, Alfred Y
Diode-Cladding-Pumped Yb3+, Ho3+-Doped Silica Fiber Laser Operating at 2.1-μm
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 42 Issue 18, pp.3546-3549 (2003)
  • Jackson, Stuart D; Mossman, Simon
Modeling and optimization of Q-switched double-clad fiber lasers
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 45 Issue 9, pp.2058-2071 (2006)
  • Wang, Yong; Xu, Chang-Qing
Influence of cooling on a bismuth-doped fiber laser and amplifier performance
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 48 Issue 31, pp.G83-G87 (2009)
  • Kalita, Mridu P; Yoo, Seongwoo; Sahu, Jayanta K
High-power widely tunable thulium fiber lasers
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 49 Issue 32, pp.6236-6242 (2010)
  • McComb, Timothy S; Sims, R Andrew; Willis, Christina C C; Kadwani, Pankaj; Sudesh, Vikas; Shah, Lawrence; Richardson, Martin
Fiber lasers and amplifiers: an ultrafast performance evolution
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 49 Issue 25, pp.F71-F78 (2010)
  • Tünnermann, Andreas; Schreiber, Thomas; Limpert, Jens
High peak-power single-frequency pulses using multiple stage, large core phosphate fibers and preshaped pulses
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 51 Issue 5, pp.531-534 (2012)
  • Petersen, Eliot; Shi, Wei; Chavez-Pirson, Arturo; Peyghambarian, Nasser
All-fiber broadband supercontinuum source with high efficiency in a step-index high nonlinear silica fiber
  • Applied Optics, Vol. 51 Issue 8, pp.1071-1075 (2012)
  • Gao, Weiqing; Liao, Meisong; Yang, Lingzhen; Yan, Xin; Suzuki, Takenobu; Ohishi, Yasutake
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