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1 July 2019, Volume 58, Issue 19, pp. 5136-5359  
31 articles


Optimized retrieval method for atmospheric temperature profiling based on rotational Raman lidar

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5170-5178 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Tunable optical delay with low intensity loss in a cascade structure Er3+-doped optical fiber amplifier

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5257-5261 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Predistortion and pre-equalization for nonlinearities and low-pass effect mitigation in OFDM-VLC systems

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5328-5338 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Multi-wavelength multi-focus Fresnel solar concentrator with square uniform irradiance: design and analysis

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5206-5212 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Design of a simple fisheye lens

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5311-5319 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Phase unwrapping method based on improved quadratic pseudo-Boolean optimization

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5347-5352 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (1)]

Editors' Pick

Fast-time consecutive confocal image deblurring using spatiotemporal fused regularization

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5148-5158 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Demonstration of a cost-effective single-pixel UV camera for flame chemiluminescence imaging

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5248-5256 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Method of distortion and pointing correction of a ground-based telescope

open access Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5136-5142 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Mid-infrared optical characterization of thin SiNx membranes

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5233-5239 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Hierarchical quality-guided phase unwrapping algorithm

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5273-5280 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Study of optical rotation generated by the twisted nematic liquid crystal film: based on circular birefringence effect

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5301-5309 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Si-rich Si nitride waveguides for optical transmissions and toward wavelength conversion around 2 μm

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5165-5169 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Polymer multimode waveguide bend based on a multilayered Eaton lens

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5219-5224 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Silicon nitride/titanium oxide hybrid waveguide design enabling broadband athermal operation

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5267-5272 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

Compact general interference hybrid-plasmonic multimode interferometers used for optical hybrid

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5320-5327 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Wavelength-tunable passively mode-locked all-fiber laser at 1.5 μm

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5143-5147 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

1550  nm external cavity diode laser with enhanced SMSR based on polarization mismatch by grating rotation

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5213-5218 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Tunable Tm/Ho-codoped fiber lasers based on an extensible liquid core between a pair of fused multimode-single-mode fibers

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5288-5293 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Requirements and applications of accurate modeling of the optical transmission of transparent conducting coatings

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5179-5186 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Editors' Pick

High-performance position-sensitive detector based on the lateral photovoltaic effect in MoSe2/p-Si junctions

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5200-5205 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

In situ characterization of thermal cleaned surface for preparing superior transmission-mode GaAs photocathodes

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5281-5287 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Innovative integrated numerical-experimental method for high-performance multispectral Mueller polarimeters based on ferroelectric liquid crystals

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5187-5199 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Effects of multiplication layers on dark current components of InGaAs/InP avalanche photodiodes

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5339-5346 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

High x-ray resolving power utilizing asymmetric diffraction from a quartz transmission crystal measured in the 6  keV to 22  keV energy range

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5225-5232 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Temperature dependence of energy transfer between Nd3+ and Yb3+ ions in phosphate glass

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5262-5266 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Determination of the spectral line profile using a phase gradient step and stationary Fourier transform spectroscopy

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5353-5359 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Numerical simulation research of catenary tip-insulator-metal structure for nano-lithography

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5159-5164 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Grinding and chemical mechanical polishing process for micropore x-ray optics fabricated with deep reactive ion etching

Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5240-5247 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical design of the High Resolution Imaging Channel of SIMBIO-SYS: publisher’s note

open access Appl. Opt. 58(19), 5310-5310 (2019)  View: HTML | PDF

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