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20 January 2018, Volume 57, Issue 3, pp. 371-572   27 articles


Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

Digital-holographic detection in the off-axis pupil plane recording geometry for deep-turbulence wavefront sensing

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 465-475 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Diffraction and Gratings

X-ray verification of an optically aligned off-plane grating module

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 454-464 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Photodiode array for characterizing optical fibers

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 409-413 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Non-contact temperature-independent random-displacement sensor using two fiber Bragg gratings

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 447-453 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Heat suppression of the fiber coating on a cladding light stripper in high-power fiber laser

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 485-491 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Polymer-coated FBG sensor for simultaneous temperature and strain monitoring in composite materials under cryogenic conditions

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 492-497 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Geometrical Optics

Dynamic changes in higher-order aberrations after correction of lower-order aberrations with adaptive optics in myopic and emmetropic eyes

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 514-520 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF


Surface relief and refractive index gratings patterned in chalcogenide glasses and studied by off-axis digital holography

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 507-513 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Holographic scattering in an angular-multiplexed hologram on a photopolymer

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 527-537 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Imaging Systems

Quantification of tomographic PIV uncertainty using controlled experimental measurements

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 420-427 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology

Panoramic stereo imaging system for efficient mosaicking: parallax analyses and system design

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 396-403 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Spatial phase-shift dual-beam speckle interferometry

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 414-419 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Methods for quantitative infrared directional-hemispherical and diffuse reflectance measurements using an FTIR and a commercial integrating sphere

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 432-446 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Measurement of surface position by focusing an interference pattern of multiple apertures with a confocal system

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 498-506 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Fiber-coupled ultrashort-pulse-laser-based electronic-excitation tagging velocimetry

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 560-566 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Integrated Optics

Tapering of femtosecond laser-written waveguides

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 377-381 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Bidirectional mode-division multiplexers with antireflection gratings

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 476-484 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Lasers and Laser Optics

Editors' Pick

Continuous-wave and chemical vapor deposition graphene-based passively Q-switched Er:Y2O3 ceramic lasers at 2.7  μm

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 371-376 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF


Fabrication of blue light-blocking optical interference coatings by the solgel method

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 428-431 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear Optics

Phase control of highly efficient four-wave mixing in a six-level tripod atomic system

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 567-572 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Devices

Pixel-sized infrared filters for a multispectral focal plane array

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 391-395 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF


All-optical switch based on doped graphene quantum dots in a defect layer of a one-dimensional photonic crystal

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 521-526 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Remote Sensing and Sensors

Multi-aperture laser transmissometer system for long-path aerosol extinction rate measurement

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 551-559 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF  [Suppl. Mat. (3)]


Qualitative and quantitative analysis of an additive element in metal oxide nanometer film using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 404-408 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Analysis of fluoroquinolones antibiotic residue in feed matrices using terahertz spectroscopy

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 544-550 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Thin Films

Fabrication of cerium-doped β-Ga2O3 epitaxial thin films and deep ultraviolet photodetectors

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 538-543 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

Ultrafast Optics

Numerical study on supercontinuum generation by different optical modes in AsSe2-As2S5 chalcogenide microstructured fiber

Appl. Opt. 57(3), 382-390 (2018)  View: HTML | PDF

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