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20 July 2006, Volume 45, Issue 21, pp. 5059-5431   36 articles


Optical Technology

Diffraction and Gratings

Varied line spacing plane holographic grating recorded by using uniform line spacing plane gratings

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5059-5065 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Refractometric sensor based on a phase-shifted long-period fiber grating

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5066-5072 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Image Processing

Superresolution image reconstruction from a sequence of aliased imagery

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5073-5085 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology

Fast three-step phase-shifting algorithm

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5086-5091 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Theoretical investigations on dual-beam illumination electronic speckle pattern interferometry

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5092-5106 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF


Interferometric polarization control

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5107-5117 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Lasers and Laser Optics

Laser beam shaping profiles and propagation

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5118-5131 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear Optics

Adaptive demodulation of dynamic signals from fiber Bragg gratings using two-wave mixing technology

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5132-5142 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Design and Fabrication

Design of a rotational three-dimensional nonimaging device by a compensated two-dimensional design process

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5154-5159 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Analysis of error yielded by scalar approximation to the properties of laser diode beams

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5160-5163 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Apochromatic telescope without anomalous dispersion glasses

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5164-5167 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Polarization-Sensitive Devices

Systematic effects induced by a flat isotropic dielectric slab

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5168-5184 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF


Local-field enhancement in an optical force metallic nanotrap: application to single-molecule spectroscopy

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5185-5190 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Compact high-resolution spaceborne echelle grating spectrometer with acousto-optical tunable filter based order sorting for the infrared domain from 2.2 to 4.3 μm

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5191-5206 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Information Processing


Dyed-polyvinyl alcohol films: molecular weight and hydrolysis degree influence on optical recording

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5207-5211 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Paradigms for bit-oriented holographic information storage

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5212-5222 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Image Processing

Some practical issues in anomaly detection and exploitation of regions of interest in hyperspectral images

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5223-5236 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Three-dimensional object detection under arbitrary lighting conditions

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5237-5247 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology

Markov models of integrating spheres for hyperspectral imaging

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5248-5257 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Devices

Near-lossless continuous phase modulation using the analog switching mode (V-shaped switching) in ferroelectric liquid crystals

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5258-5269 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF


Correction of instrument line shape in Fourier transform spectrometry using matrix inversion

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5270-5280 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Lasers, Photonics, and Environmental Optics

Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

Fourier domain preconditioned conjugate gradient algorithm for atmospheric tomography

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5281-5293 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Hyperspectral temperature and salt dependencies of absorption by water and heavy water in the 400-750 nm spectral range

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5294-5309 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Monte Carlo simulations of spectral albedo for artificial snowpacks composed of spherical and nonspherical particles

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5310-5319 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Visible and near-ultraviolet absorption spectrum of ice from transmission of solar radiation into snow

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5320-5334 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Fourier Optics and Optical Signal Processing

Quality of paraxial electromagnetic beams

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5335-5345 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology

Diurnal discrepancies in spectral solar UV radiation measurements

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5346-5357 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Lasers and Laser Optics

Localized CO2 laser damage repair of fused silica optics

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5358-5367 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Thermally induced birefringence in Nd:YAG slab lasers

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5368-5376 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Maximum value of the pulse energy of a passively Q-switched laser as a function of the pump power

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5377-5384 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF


Energy transfer and photodegradation of a Perylene Orange:LDS821 system in poly(methyl methacrylate)

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5385-5390 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Nonlinear Optics

Picosecond-pulse wavelength conversion based on cascaded second-harmonic generation-difference frequency generation in a periodically poled lithium niobate waveguide

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5391-5403 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical Devices

Electro-optic multimode interference device using organic materials

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5404-5413 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Remote Sensing

Use of hyperspectral remote sensing reflectance for detection and assessment of the harmful alga, Karenia brevis

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5414-5425 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

Biomedical Optics

Optical Design and Fabrication

Double-pass rotary mirror array for fast scanning optical delay line

Appl. Opt. 45(21), 5426-5431 (2006)  View: HTML | PDF

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