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Professor Austin Roorda Visits Tsinghua University Chapter

Author: Zhang Song

Professor Austin Roorda from University of California, Berkeley, gave a wonderful academic report titles "Adaptive Optics for the Human Eye" to the OSA members of Tsinghua University. Zhang Shulian, instructor of OSA Student Chapter, Tsinghua University and professor from the institute of optics and electronics, Department of Precision Instruments, presided over the lecture. Over 30 OSA members and more than 10 non-members attended the lecture.

This academic lecture was funded by OSA Traveling Lecturer Grant with easy access to application. We can either invite experts and scholars that OSA members are interested in, or select from OSA Traveling Lecturer list. This was the second Traveling Lecturer project organized by OSA Student Chapter of Tsinghua University and we benefited a lot from it. On one hand, it gives us an opportunity to learn about the latest trends of optics from big scholars, which broadens our horizons and open our minds. On the other hand, through the whole process—the initial contact with the professors, project fund application to OSA, making of publicity posters, and the later reception, communication and lecture organization, we've learned a lot about socializing and enhanced our organizational skills and the ability to communicate with foreign experts.

I had learned from a friend that Professor Austin Roorda is an expert in the field of adaptive optics. As we were all interested in adaptive optics and retinal imaging, I came up with the idea to invite him to give us a lecture. Professor Austin Roorda majored in visual science and physics and graduated in 1996 from the University of Waterloo, the No. 1 University of Canada in terms of academic quality. His doctoral thesis won Best Academic Paper at school. During the postdoctoral years at the University of Rochester, he was the first in the world to apply adaptive optics to the study of photoreceptor cone cells of the eye and have the research results published in Nature. He worked in the University of Houston from 1998 to 2004, when he developed the adaptive optics scanning laser for ophthalmic examination which was later replicated in many visual science laboratories and have been put to commercial usage. Ever since 2005, he served in the University of California, Berkeley as chairman of Visual Science Graduate Program. He is also the executive member for adaptive optics of the U.S. National Natural Science Foundation and won grant from the National Institutes of Health and Foundation Fighting Blindness. Besides, he won the Borish Outstanding Young Researcher Award by the American Academy and the Excellence in Research and Scholarship Award from the University of Houston. He is by all means a big fish in the field of adaptive optics.

During the lecture, Professor Roorda introduced to us the adaptive optics and its applications in retinal imagingin a simple way and patiently answered all the questions put forward by the active students.

This lecture was a success in that both members of OSA and non-members learned a lot. Many students came to know about OSA Student Chapter of Tsinghua University and hoped to join it in the future. There was also a student extremely interested in this field and hoped to apply for the doctoral program under Professor Roorda. This lecture gives us a great opportunity to communicate with foreign experts and reminds us to gain an international vision and catch up with the latest trends in international optics researches while doing our own studies.

After the lecture, Professor Zhang kindly invited Professor Roorda to visit his laboratory, which he accepted gladly. The main research direction of Zhang is the laser technology and precision measurement, including laser physics, laser devices, and laser application. In recent years, he particularly focuses on laser frequency splitting, tuning of laser cavity, laser feedback, laser life science and the application of laser to the measurement of displacement, optical internal stress, optical wave plate and refractive index. Most of the graduate students Zhang supervises are members of the OSA Student Chapter. They gave detailed introductions of their projects to Professor Roorda and hence got a lot of specific advices from Professor Roorda.

Here, I would like to thank OSA again for its support for this event! We will also take full advantage of OSA resources to organize more activities for the benefits of OSA members and let more people learn about optics and OSA.

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