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20 April 2003, Volume 42, Issue 12, pp. 2019-2235  
26 articles

Laser applications to chemical and environmental analysis: introduction to the feature issue

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2019-2020 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Size distributions of nanoscaled particles and gas temperatures from time-resolved laser-induced-incandescence measurements

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2021-2030 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Strategies for laser-induced fluorescence detection of nitric oxide in high-pressure flames. II. A–X(0,1) excitation

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2031-2042 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Simultaneous in situ measurement of CO, H 2 O, and gas temperatures in a full-sized coal-fired power plant by near-infrared diode lasers

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2043-2051 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Laser-induced incandescence for soot diagnostics at high pressures

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2052-2062 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Vortex-induced flame extinction in two-phase counterflow diffusion flames with CH planar laser-induced fluorescence and particle-image velocimetry

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2063-2071 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for the environmental determination of total carbon and nitrogen in soils

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2072-2077 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy of molten aluminum alloy

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2078-2084 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Optical emission from laser-induced breakdown plasma of solid and liquid samples in the presence of a magnetic field

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2085-2093 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Study of laser-induced breakdown emission from liquid under double-pulse excitation

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2094-2101 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Rapid field screening of soils for heavy metals with spark-induced breakdown spectroscopy

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2102-2109 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Antireflection-coated blue GaN laser diodes in an external cavity and Doppler-free indium absorption spectroscopy

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2110-2118 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Fiber-amplifier-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy with near-infrared tunable diode lasers

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2119-2126 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Fourier-transform laser spectroscopy

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2127-2131 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Size-correlated spectroscopy and imaging of rare-earth-doped nanocrystals

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2132-2139 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Retrieval of stratospheric aerosol size and composition information from solar infrared transmission spectra

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2140-2154 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Development of a gallium-doped germanium far-infrared photoconductor direct hybrid two-dimensional array

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2166-2173 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Improving the performance of fiber gratings with sinusoidal chirps

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2181-2187 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Analysis of thermal decay and prediction of operational lifetime for a type I boron-germanium codoped Fiber Bragg grating

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2188-2197 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Development of a pumping laser system for x-ray laser research

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2198-2205 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

2-mJ single-axial-mode gain-switched Cr:forsterite lasers

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2206-2212 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Stable doped hybrid sol-gel materials for solid-state dye laser

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2213-2218 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

Variational analysis of z scan of thick medium with an elliptic Gaussian beam

Appl. Opt. 42(12), 2219-2225 (2003)  View: HTML | PDF

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