Experimental data is presented demonstrating 100GbE (4x25.8 Gbps) SWDM4 VCSEL technology, and SWDM4 transmission over 200m and 300m of wideband OM4 fibers. All NRZ SWDM4 channels achieved error-free transmission at 200m, and BER < 1e-9 at 300m. In addition, successful 180 (4x45) Gbps transmission is demonstrated over 300m wideband OM4 fibers using a 45-Gbps-PAM4 chip. Real time BERs < 2e-4 were achieved for all four SWDM grid channels in the 850-950nm wavelength range. Precise modal excitation in MMF fibers for improving the fiber bandwidth by minimizing modal dispersion is also discussed. Using our novel modal excitation method, 25 Gbps NRZ transmission over 300m OM3 is shown.

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