We have intensively studied the growth temperature and interruption time of AlGaInAs/AlGaAs single-quantum-well (SQW) for application in high-power laser diodes. The growth process was monitored by reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy (RAS) in metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). The most suitable photon energy for monitoring the growth process was investigated. The indium diffusion and the resulting emission wavelength shift during growth of AlGaInAs/AlGaAs SQW have been studied. Photoluminescence (PL) and high resolution X-ray diffraction (HRXRD) were adopted for the evaluation of specified interfaces and the quality of layers. Comparison the RAS and ex-situ techniques allowed us to find that the growth temperature and interruption time plays a significant role in the case of AlGaInAs/AlGaAs SQW grown by MOCVD technique. In situ RAS measurement has proven itself to be a powerful tool for the development of growth processes for high-power laser diodes.

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