Photorefractive two-beam coupling measurements as a function of the orientation of the grating spacing at 514 nm have enabled us to precise the values of the electrooptic coefficients of BCT. We find r<sup>T</sup> <sub>13</sub> = 33pm. V<sup>-1</sup> and r<sup>T</sup> <sub>33</sub> = 170pm. V<sup>-1</sup>. These values are in good accordance with other published values. For the interesting coefficient r<sup>T</sup> <sub>42</sub>, we find a higher value r<sup>T</sup> <sub>42</sub> = 465pm. V<sup>-1</sup> than the one previously published. The observation of beam-fanning and the fact that we have been able to implement a DPCM in a 45°-cut BCT (and not in a 0° cut crystal) confirms that the electrooptic coefficient r<sup>T</sup> <sub>42</sub> is higher than r<sup>T</sup> <sub>33</sub>.

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