With traditional SONET/SDH, wireless and wireline networks converging, network management of converged networks in becoming a challenge. This paper explores the various challenges in providing such an integrated network management solution. Further the paper discusses on the various approaches that may be used to build such a solution and explores newer technologies such as JMX, which can leverage in simplying and enabling a cost effective Converged Network Management Solution. The paper concludes by discussing the various approaches to develop a converged network management solution and comparing these approaches and suggesting the most preferred approach.IntroductionIn today's networks, service providers are looking forward to converge their existing SONET/ SDH, wireless & wireline networks to leverage the benefits of a cost effective, revenue generating solution. The demand and need for Triple Play has lead to the convergence of legacy networks carrying traditional data applications with new IP, wireless networks carrying real-time voice and video applications. Hence the need and demand for an advanced network management solution to be able to handle the various complexities of a converged network is increasing. The ability to provide a single window view of the network and the ability to do OA&M on the network is very much sought after by service providers.A converged network is one that carries voice, video, and data traffic and is deployed via SONET, ATM, and mainly other IP networks. When all these networks converge, it leads to various different kinds of Network Elements, many kinds of protocols, technologies in use in the network and this makes OA&M quite complicated in such a network. If the service provider has to reap the rewards from the convergence at the network level, they need to also overcome the challenges in network management. Else, they will be found investing in network management and trying to meddle around with solutions from various vendors, positioned in various locations and may fail in the ability to quickly identify & rectify problems in the networks. In other words, may not be able to maintain availability and guaranteed QoS.- -This paper tries to identify the key challenges in such a converged network management solution. The paper discussed these challenges in detail and further looks at solutions possible which will address each of these challenges. During the course, we shall also explore the various technologies available to address these problems including the newer technologies such as JMX. We further compare each of these solutions on various parameters to suit adaptability into our solutions. The paper concludes by suggesting the most preferred approach based on all the data/ conclusions that we draw over the course of the paper.

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