This paper provides a case for a next generation transport architecture, where lambda, TDM and a new concept of packet transport coexist. Communications networks are evolving to the point that all services will be packet based, including voice with VoIP, video with IPTV and private lines with Ethernet Private Lines. Transport for such services will rely less on TDM multiplexing and more on packet multiplexing and transport. DWDM will be the foundation for this next generation transport network and in fact is a primary convergence layer. Above the lambda layer however a packet transport layer of some kind is necessary. This layer will not be burdened with SONET channelization and will be truly optimized for GbE and 10GbE physical interfaces. It will support variable bandwidth private lines for such applications as enterprise services, residential services including IPTV, and switch interconnection/backhaul. In parallel with packet transport (also above the lambda layer) will be the channelized SONET layer supporting legacy services such as TDM voice and private lines. In addition to the above, this paper will discuss the need for gateways between the TDM and Packet Transport networks.

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