Insights on delivering an IP Triple Play over EPON and GPONFiber to the Home networks are growing the world over. In parallel, services are shifting to IP based technologies for voice, TDM services like T1, and video distribution. The convergence of these trends creates new opportunities for carriers to derive revenues and lower their costs, but it also adds new complexities in their efforts to deliver these services.This presentation will look at the trends driving the movement to IP for these services. It will then look at the challenges to deploy these services and make them work at a carrier class level, and propose methods to solve these issues. Each service brings it's own concerns. For example: VoIP-what technologies are being used? Can it replace lifeline TDM POTS? How is the QoS guaranteed in the PON network. IP Video-what services are being offered? With different characteristics then voice or data, how can the quality expected for a video service be assured?TDM-With T1/E1/J1 services as part of the network for the foreseeable future, how can these be maintained and offered when a PON has extended to the edge of the network? The presentation will answer these questions in the presentation and discuss how PON can not only solve these issues, but optimize them for the best and most cost effective deliver of these services.

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