Photonic crystal fibres (PCFs), through their ability to exquisitely control the flow of light, continue to yield novel optical properties and applications. An example is twisted PCF, which creates optical vortices that carry orbital angular momentum, as well as providing an elegant means of providing circular birefringence and dichroism, most recently in hollow- core PCF. Intense interactions between light and sound in solid-core PCF enable stable alloptical mode-locking of fibre lasers at a high harmonic (a few GHz) of the round-trip frequency. Single-ring hollow-core PCF, comprising a ring of thin-walled capillaries surrounding a central hollow core, guides light over an extremely wide frequency range and, through pressure-adjustable dispersion, provides a simple means of compressing pulses down to durations as short as a single optical cycle, as well as underpinning a range of unique and extremely bright sources of tuneable deep and vacuum ultraviolet light. During the talk, a selection of recent results from work carried out at MPL will be presented.

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