The ability to manipulate light-matter interactions using metal-dielectric nanostructures combined with novel active materials is at the heart of nano-optics and metamaterials technologies, or “Metaphotonics”. Recent advancements in the design, fabrication and characterization of tunable materials and metal-dielectric nanostructures have enabled novel functionalities that leverage photonic-plasmonic coupled resonances in order to achieve broadband enhanced optical responses. Following this paradigm, a number of device applications have followed such as multispectral optical nano-antennas, ultrafast nanoscale optical switchers, nanoscale energy concentrators, laser nano-cavities, to name a few. In this talk, I will discuss our work on the design and engineering of sub-wavelength resonant media using metallic and dielectric nanostructures with enhanced light-matter coupling over specified spatial-frequency spectra. This work leverages the engineering of low-loss dielectrics with tunable electric permittivity and plasmon resonances that extend from the visible to the infrared spectral range. These Si-compatible novel materials open exciting new vistas towards the engineering of active metamaterials for nonlinear and multispectral devices integrated on the silicon platform.

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