Using a semi-classical wavelet model of ionization, we present the angle and energy resolved radiation yields for the ionization of atoms at a density of 1015 ions/cm3 at strong and ultraintense intensities. For each of the intensities, the ionization contribution is considered from a single ion state; Ne+6 at 1017 W/cm2, Ar+8 at 1018 W/cm2, Ar+15 for 1019 W/cm2, and Na+10 for 1020 W/cm2. The differential power spectra for the radiation yields are shown (Fig. 1) in a logarithmic color scale with units of radiated energy per ion-energy bin-solid angle, i.e. eV/(ion eV steradian). The peak radiation yield occurs at the fundamental frequency and the color scale in the figures is normalized to this yield.

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