With our recent development of novel frequency combs in the mid infrared and extreme ultraviolet, we have opened the door for sensitive and high-resolution spectroscopy in these spectral regions. I will report these advances. 150-word Biography: Jun Ye is a Fellow of JILA and Physics Professor Adjoint at the University of Colorado. He is also a Fellow NIST, a Fellow of APS, a Fellow of OSA, and a member of the National Academy of Sciences. His research includes precision measurement, ultracold atoms and molecules, ultrafast science and quantum control. Honors include Frew Fellowship (Australian Academy of Science), I. I. Rabi Prize, European Frequency & Time Forum Award, Carl Zeiss Award, W. F. Meggers Award, A. Lomb Medal, A. S. Flemming Award, Presidential Early Career Award, Gold Medals (U.S. Commerce Department), F. W. Bessel Award (Humboldt Foundation), S. W. Stratton Award.

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