This paper is devoted to the development of efficient tunable room-temperature F2+ and F2 color center lasers by means of active element optimization. Lasing experiments were carried out in a 12-cm plane-plane resonator cavity with a dichroic input mirror with maximum transparency at the pumping wavelength (WL) and ~100% reflectivity at the lasing WL. The second- and the first-harmonic generation of the pulse periodical Q-switched YAG:Nd3+ laser were used as pumping sources for the LiF (F2F2+) and LiF:F2 active elements, respectively. Quasilongitudinal pumping through the input dichroic mirror was used. The optimum output mirror was selected for each active element [10% for LiF (F2 → F2+) and 18% for LiF:F2 lasers].

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