Deuterated /-arginine phosphate (d-LAP) is a new nonlinear optical material which is being developed for harmonic generation of high-power lasers, it is a member of a larger class of organic material which is being studied as a potential replacement for KDP in lasers for inertial confinement fusion research. Both the undeuterated form (LAP) and the deuterated form (d-LAP) grow easily from aqueous solution, and we have demonstrated the growth of large crystals of high optical quality. In particular, crystals of d-lAP are now available with volumes in excess of 100 cm3. Both LAP and d-LAP are phase-matchable for all nonlinear processes where KDP is phase-matchable, and, with the possible exception of fourth harmonic generation to 286 nm, they are generally substantially more efficient than KDP. (They are also substantially more efficient than barium borate.) These crystals are more nonlinear than KDP, and, therefore, they achieve higher efficiency with a smaller crystal volume and expense.

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