Optical transmittance and surface damage threshold of cerium-doped (2, 9, and 33 ppm) KTP crystals were investigated with dependence on cerium concentration and polarization directions with respect to the fundamental crystal axes. Although transmittance from ultra-violet to mid-infrared region was gradually decreased with increase of cerium concentration, even transmittance at 532 nm in 33 ppm cerium-doped KTP, which showed the lowest transmittance, was 7 % higher than that of undoped KTP reported in Ref.[6]. On the other hand, surface damage threshold at 1064 nm was raised with increase of cerium concentration and the maximum damage threshold was measured to be 8 GW/cm<sup>2</sup> using 33-ppm cerium-doped KTP, when b-axis polarized beam was input to surface of the crystal. The threshold was a factor of 2.4 larger compared with that of undoped KTP.

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