We report spectroscopic data and first time lasing of Pr3+:LaSc3(BO3)4. Polarization dependent absorption- and fluorescence spectra are measured under continuous wave excitation. The emission cross sections of selected transitions originating from levels 1D2 and 3P0 are determined to be 4·10-21 cm2 and 6·10-19 cm2, respectively. Due to strong multiphonon relaxation (3P0→1D2) the lifetime of the 3P0-level is as short as 30 ns. Other than expected a comparatively strong concentration quenching of the 1D2 level lifetime can be observed probably caused by two resonant cross relaxation processes. Efficient lasing is demonstrated on the transition3P0→3F2 at 648 nm under pulsed dye laser excitation. The slope efficiency is 38% with respect to the incident pump energy.

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