HUDs (Head Up Displays) and HMDs (Helmet Mounted Displays) have been with us for a few decades, providing exceptional optical performances for specialized defense applications. On the other hand, consumer electronics HMDs (Head Mounted Displays) have been lingering as personal gadgets for a mere decade. But recently, major companies have launched consumer compelling head mounted display solutions integrating both hardware, operating system as well as content, unlocking the decade long consumer HMD status-quo. As a result, we are witnessing today a fragmentation of the HMD market into various categories which have their very own specificity in terms of functionality, hardware and content. Such fragmentation is responsible for defining new distinct market segments such as consumer near to eye displays, social smart glasses, gaming headsets, as well as professional (engineering and technical) HMDs, specialized (medical, law enforcement, firefighting) HMDs and of course the previously existing defense market. We will be reviewing the different type of optical hardware used in such devices.

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