Solution-processed halide perovskites have shown their promises in a variety of optoelectronic applications, from solar cells, light emitting diodes, to photodetectors. This new class of optoelectronic materials exhibit superb optical and electrical properties such as long diffusion length, high carrier mobility, strong optical absorption, and tunable bandgap. Despite the successful demonstrations reported so far, perovskite-based devices with high performance and stability still remain challenging. Our work has been focused on creating halide perovskites for electrically-driven LEDs. We found that the morphology of the materials, either nanostructured or microcrystalline, plays important role in both optical and electrical properties. With optimized morphology, perovskite-based LEDs with high brightness and external quantum efficiencies have been achieved. The approaches to control and manipulate crystallization of halide perovskite may also be applicable to the development of other optoelectronic applications such as solar cells.

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