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Pre-resonance-stimulated Raman scattering for water bilayer structure on laser-induced plasma bubble surface

Zhanlong Li, Hongdong Li, Wenhui Fang, Shenghan Wang, Chenglin Sun, Zuowei Li, and Zhiwei Men
Opt. Lett. 40(14) 3253-3255 (2015)

k-Connected Network Partitioning Under Shared Risk Link Groups

M. Masud Hasan, Farid Farahmand, and Jason P. Jue
J. Opt. Commun. Netw. 7(8) 695-706 (2015)

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Top Downloads for June 2015
  1. Redesign of article pages for Optics Letters: editorial
  2. Perovskite-based low-cost and high-efficiency hybrid halide solar cells
  3. Photoluminescence emission and Raman response of monolayer MoS2, MoSe2, and WSe2
  4. Structured-light 3D surface imaging: a tutorial
  5. Real-time, high-accuracy 3D imaging and shape measurement
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Coherent pulse interrogation system for fiber Bragg grating sensing of strain and pressure in dynamic extremes of materials

Optical fiber sensors for measurements in difficult environments have been intensively studied for many years. Some of...

Automated multi-parameter measurement of cardiomyocytes dynamics with digital holographic microscopy

High throughput screens are playing an increasingly important role in drug discovery pipelines. Lately, the field has...

Tunable optical nonlinearity of silicon nanoparticles in solid state organic matrix

Fine structuring of optical materials is a powerful tool to shape their optical response, to control the way in which...

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