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Quasi-phase-matched four-wave mixing generation between C-band and mid-infrared regions using a symmetric hybrid plasmonic waveguide grating

Jing Dai, Minming Zhang, Feiya Zhou, Yuanwu Wang, Luluzi Lu, Lei Deng, and Deming Liu
Appl. Opt. 54(23) 6961-6968 (2015)

Moiré fringe alignment using composite circular-line gratings for proximity lithography

Feng Xu, Shaolin Zhou, Song Hu, Wenbo Jiang, Liang Luo, and Hongyu Chu
Opt. Express 23(16) 20905-20915 (2015)

UV-curable silicate phosphor planar films printed on glass substrate for white light-emitting diodes

Jin Woo Jang, Jun Sik Kim, Oh Hyeon Kwon, Tae Hyeon Lee, and Yong Soo Cho
Opt. Lett. 40(16) 3723-3726 (2015)

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  4. Shifting the quantum-classical boundary: theory and experiment for statistically classical optical fields
  5. Real-time, high-accuracy 3D imaging and shape measurement
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