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Enhanced resonant vibrational Raman scattering of N2+ induced by self-seeding ionic lasers created in polarization-modulated intense laser fields

Guihua Li, Hongqiang Xie, Qian Zhang, Hongbin Lei, Xingyu Zhou, XiaoWei Wang, Zhiming Chen, and Zengxiu Zhao
Opt. Lett. 45(19) 5616-5619 (2020)

Lightweight metasurface mirror of silicon nanospheres [Invited]

Andrey B. Evlyukhin, Mariia Matiushechkina, Vladimir A. Zenin, Michèle Heurs, and Boris N. Chichkov
Opt. Mater. Express 10(10) 2706-2716 (2020)

Kilohertz retinal FF-SS-OCT and flood imaging with hardware-based adaptive optics

Denise Valente, Kari V. Vienola, Robert J. Zawadzki, and Ravi S. Jonnal
Biomed. Opt. Express 11(10) 5995-6011 (2020)

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Top Downloads for August
  1. Spatial images from temporal data
  2. Maximal nighttime electrical power generation via optimal radiative cooling
  3. Wafer-scale low-loss lithium niobate photonic integrated circuits
  4. Three-photon neuronal imaging in deep mouse brain
  5. Learned rotationally symmetric diffractive achromat for full-spectrum computational imaging
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Spotlight on Optics
Widely tunable, heterogeneously integrated quantum-dot O-band lasers on silicon
Summary by Francesco Morichetti

What is a laser? Should we simplify the definition of a laser to the extreme, we could say that a laser is an optical...

Efficient implementation of the Shack–Hartmann centroid extraction for edge computing
Summary by Karen Hampson

This paper presents a high speed method to determine the Shack-Hartmann spot positions in 2 ms. The Shack-Hartmann...

Unidirectional ultrabroadband and wide-angle absorption in graphene-embedded photonic crystals with the cascading structure comprising the Octonacci sequence
Summary by Ilya Shadrivov

The band-gap effects in Bragg structures are currently applied in high quality reflectors and band-pass filters;...

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