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Recently Published
Improving the beam quality of DPALs by refractive index gradients induced by the pump beam in the heated gain medium: experimental verification of the theoretical prediction

Roei Luzon, Svyatoslav Kostyukovets, Ilya Auslender, Nitzan Mayorkas, Eyal Yacoby, Boris D. Barmashenko, and Salman Rosenwaks
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 38(2) 550-552 (2021)

Tailoring spatial entropy in extreme ultraviolet focused beams for multispectral ptychography

Lars Loetgering, Xiaomeng Liu, Anne C. C. De Beurs, Mengqi Du, Guido Kuijper, Kjeld S. E. Eikema, and Stefan Witte
Optica 8(2) 130-138 (2021)

Underwater hyperspectral imaging system using a prism–grating–prism structure

Qingsheng Xue, Zhongtian Tian, Bai Yang, Jishen Liang, Chang Li, Fupeng Wang, and Qian Li
Appl. Opt. 60(4) 894-900 (2021)

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Top Downloads for December
  1. Massively parallel amplitude-only Fourier neural network
  2. Impact of inorganic nanoparticles on optical properties of low refractive index waveguiding polymers
  3. Photomechanical materials and applications: a tutorial
  4. Triple narrow-band plasmonic perfect absorber for refractive index sensing applications of optical frequency
  5. Ghost diffraction holographic microscopy
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Spotlight on Optics
Long-wave infrared multi-wavelength IPDA lidar for standoff detection of chemical warfare agents: theoretical study
Summary by Abbie Watnik

A theoretical evaluation for detection and quantification of chemical warfare agents using a long-wave tunable lidar...

Long-wave infrared multi-wavelength optical source for standoff detection of chemical warfare agents
Summary by Abbie Watnik

A novel lidar emitter is experimentally tested to measure sarin, sulfur mustard and SF using differential absorption...

Experimental free-space quantum secure direct communication and its security analysis
Summary by Stefan Richter

Quantum communication (QC) offers secure and future-proof tools for performing sensitive communication tasks. Quantum...

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