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Recently Published
Enhancement of nonlinear functionality of step-index silica fibers combining thermal poling and 2D materials deposition

Francesco De Lucia, Adam H. Lewis, Nicolas Englebert, Rex Bannerman, Martin M. A. Nunez Velazquez, Chung-Che Huang, James C. Gates, Simon-Pierre Gorza, Jayanta Sahu, Dan Hewak, and Pier Sazio
Opt. Express 28(23) 34461-34471 (2020)

Topologically protected long-range coherent energy transfer

Yujing Wang, Jun Ren, Weixuan Zhang, Lu He, and Xiangdong Zhang
Photon. Res. 8(11) B39-B46 (2020)

Plasmon modes supported by metamaterial-filled monolayer graphene cylindrical waveguides

M. Saeed, A. Ghaffar, Majeed A. S. Alkanhal, Ali H. Alqahtani, Y. Khan, and Sajjad ur Rehman
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 37(11) 3515-3525 (2020)

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Top Downloads for September
  1. Photorealistic full-color nanopainting enabled by a low-loss metasurface
  2. Single-pixel imaging 12 years on: a review
  3. Metasurface holographic movie: a cinematographic approach
  4. Structured-light 3D surface imaging: a tutorial
  5. High-resolution label-free imaging of tissue morphology with confocal phase microscopy
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Spotlight on Optics
Tunable photonic devices by 3D laser printing of liquid crystal elastomers
Summary by Koji Sugioka

4D printing of liquid crystal elastomer (LCE) based on femtosecond laser two-photon polymerization (TPP) enables...

Designing miniature x-ray optics for the SmallSat lunar science mission concept CubeX
Summary by Bert Pasquale

The scientific demand for extended field X-Ray remote sensing for mapping of planetary bodies has produced the CubeSat...

Multi-material microstereolithography using a palette with multicolor photocurable resins
Summary by Kotaro Obata

A multi-material 3D printing made of liquid photo-curable resin without intermixing has been successfully achieved by...

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