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Recently Published
Virtual optical pulling force

Sergey Lepeshov and Alex Krasnok

Diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma based on a terahertz signal and VMD-CWSE

Haishun Liu, Ke Zhao, Xiangyi Liu, Zhenwei Zhang, Jingyu Qian, Cunlin Zhang, and Meiyan Liang
Biomed. Opt. Express 11(9) 5045-5059 (2020)

Superlattice hole injection layers for UV LEDs grown on SiC

Christian J. Zollner, Abdullah S. Almogbel, Yifan Yao, Michael Wang, Michael Iza, James S. Speck, Steven P. DenBaars, and Shuji Nakamura
Opt. Mater. Express 10(9) 2171-2180 (2020)

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Top Downloads for July
  1. Spatial images from temporal data
  2. Entanglement demonstration on board a nano-satellite
  3. Airy-beam tomographic microscopy
  4. Megapixel time-gated SPAD image sensor for 2D and 3D imaging applications
  5. Structured ray-wave vector vortex beams in multiple degrees of freedom from a laser
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Spotlight on Optics
Towards cavity-free ground-state cooling of an acoustic-frequency silicon nitride membrane
Summary by Nils Johan Engelsen

Slowing down a child on a swing is perhaps the most ubiquitous form of feedback cooling, but in recent years the...

Hybrid integrated InP-Si3N4 diode laser with a 40-Hz intrinsic linewidth
Summary by Francesco Morichetti

Semiconductor laser diodes are widely employed in many different applications because of their compactness and...

Transverse drag of slow light in moving atomic vapor
Summary by Israel De León

Light traveling through a moving medium is dragged along with it. This fascinating phenomenon, known as Fresnel drag,...

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