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Recently Published
Phase-change metasurface with tunable and switchable circular dichroism

Chuanchuan Ding, Guanghao Rui, Bing Gu, Qiwen Zhan, and Yiping Cui
Opt. Lett. 46(10) 2525-2528 (2021)

Superresolved polarization-enhanced second-harmonic generation for direct imaging of nanoscale changes in collagen architecture

Peter B. Johnson, Artemios Karvounis, H. Johnson Singh, Christopher J. Brereton, Konstantinos N. Bourdakos, Kerry Lunn, James J. W. Roberts, Donna E. Davies, Otto L. Muskens, Mark G. Jones, and Sumeet Mahajan
Optica 8(5) 674-685 (2021)

Optical design and performance of a trifocal sinusoidal diffractive intraocular lens

Fidel Vega, Maite Valentino, Franco Rigato, and María S. Millán
Biomed. Opt. Express 12(6) 3338-3351 (2021)

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  1. Single-photon imaging over 200 km
  2. Optical tweezers — from calibration to applications: a tutorial
  3. Experimental simulation of time and frequency transfer via an optical satellite–ground link at 10-18 instability
  4. Laser paintbrush as a tool for modern art
  5. Wide-field-of-view optical detectors using fused fiber-optic tapers
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Spotlight on Optics
Ultrahigh-aspect-ratio light cages: fabrication limits and tolerances of free-standing 3D nanoprinted waveguides
Summary by Paul Steinvurzel

Hollow core waveguides, wherein light is confined in a low index gas or liquid medium, have many applications in...

Ultra-flat, low-noise, and linearly polarized fiber supercontinuum source covering 670–1390 nm
Summary by Alexander Heidt

A new generation of low-noise fiber supercontinuum (SC) sources is currently emerging, driven by the constantly...

Compact long-range single-photon imager with dynamic imaging capability
Summary by Paul McManamon

This article discusses a single detector, 1550 nm, lidar that uses a photon counting receiver, referred to as a SPAD...

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