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OSA Publishing is the largest peer-reviewed collection of optics and photonics information in the world.

Recently Published
Optically pumped lasing with a Q-factor exceeding 6000 from wet-etched GaN micro-pyramids

L. C. Wang, Y. Y. Zhang, R. Chen, Z. Q. Liu, J. Ma, Z. Li, X. Y. Yi, H. J. Li, J. X. Wang, G. H. Wang, W. H. Zhu, and J. M. Li
Opt. Lett. 42(15) 2976-2979 (2017)

Algorithm for the Lightpath Reservation Provisioning of Data Relay Services in a GEO Network

Changlin Deng, Wei Guo, Weisheng Hu, Weige Zhu, and Bilei Zhou
J. Opt. Commun. Netw. 9(8) 658-668 (2017)

360-degree screen-free floating 3D image in a crystal ball using a spatially imaged iris and rotational multiview DFD technologies

Tohru Kawakami, Munekazu Date, Mutsumi Sasai, and Hideaki Takada
Appl. Opt. 56(22) 6156-6167 (2017)

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Top Downloads for June 2017
  1. Highly curved image sensors: a practical approach for improved optical performance
  2. Broadband antireflection film with moth-eye-like structure for flexible display applications
  3. Quantum-limited measurements of optical signals from a geostationary satellite
  4. Controlling the sign of chromatic dispersion in diffractive optics with dielectric metasurfaces
  5. Orbital angular momentum 25 years on [Invited]
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Spotlight on Optics
Low-cost metamaterial-on-paper chemical sensor
Summary by Withawat Withayachumnankul

Could common materials, tools, and DIY skills be useful to create sensitive liquid sensors? Over decades, researchers...

Experimental nonlocal steering of Bohmian trajectories
Summary by Filippo Miatto

According to Bell's theorem, any realistic theory that wants to reproduce the statistics of Quantum Mechanics (QM)...

On the behavior of degree of polarization surfaces at the limit of Poincaré sphere walls
Summary by Mark Dennis

The geometric algebra of optical polarization continues to be a source of new insights and connections with...

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