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Recently Published
Au nanoparticle decorated WO3 nanorods with enhanced optical limiting activity

Wei Li, Dongdong Huang, Tingting Wang, Chan Zheng, Xueqing Xiao, Shuguang Cai, and Wenzhe Chen
Opt. Mater. Express 10(10) 2655-2668 (2020)

High-speed 3D sensing via hybrid-mode imaging and guided upsampling

Istvan Gyongy, Sam W. Hutchings, Abderrahim Halimi, Max Tyler, Susan Chan, Feng Zhu, Stephen McLaughlin, Robert K. Henderson, and Jonathan Leach
Optica 7(10) 1253-1260 (2020)

Unsupervised clustering of multiparametric fluorescent images extends the spectrum of detectable cell membrane phases with sub-micrometric resolution

Giada Bianchetti, Marco De Spirito, and Giuseppe Maulucci
Biomed. Opt. Express 11(10) 5728-5744 (2020)

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  1. Spatial images from temporal data
  2. Maximal nighttime electrical power generation via optimal radiative cooling
  3. Wafer-scale low-loss lithium niobate photonic integrated circuits
  4. Three-photon neuronal imaging in deep mouse brain
  5. Learned rotationally symmetric diffractive achromat for full-spectrum computational imaging
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Spotlight on Optics
Innovative optofluidics and microscopy-based rapid analysis of pathogens
Summary by Andrey Kuzmin

Bacterial sensing is an important technique for detecting pathogenic bacterial infections and preventing the outbreak...

On-chip high-efficiency wavelength multicasting of PAM3/PAM4 signals using low-loss AlGaAs-on-insulator nanowaveguides
Summary by Michael Strain

AlGaAs-on-insulator (AlGaAs-o-I) nonlinear optics takes a key step from device fundamentals towards systems...

Reconfigurable all-optical nonlinear activation functions for neuromorphic photonics
Summary by Daniel Brunner

Is a neural network really a neural network if there are no neurons? And for that matter, when we talk about neural...

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