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Study of atomic and molecular emission spectra of Sr by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)

Chet. R. Bhatt, Bader Alfarraj, Krishna K. Ayyalasomayajula, Charles Ghany, Fang Y. Yueh, and Jagdish P. Singh
Appl. Opt. 54(34) 10264-10271 (2015)

Reduction of image discontinuity in coarse integral volumetric imaging

Hideki Kakeya and Shimpei Sawada
Opt. Lett. 40(23) 5698-5701 (2015)

Broadband terahertz modulators using self-gated graphene capacitors: erratum

Nurbek Kakenov, Osman Balci, Emre O. Polat, Hakan Altan, and Coskun Kocabas
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 32(12) 2548-2548 (2015)

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  2. THz band-stop filter using metamaterials surfaced on LiNbO3 sub-wavelength slab waveguide
  3. Model-resolution based regularization improves near infrared diffuse optical tomography
  4. Optical design of two-axes parabolic trough collector and two-section Fresnel lens for line-to-spot solar concentration
  5. Photoluminescence emission and Raman response of monolayer MoS2, MoSe2, and WSe2
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Scanning nonlinear absorption in lithium niobate over the time regime of small polaron formation

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Optical side scattering radiometry for high resolution, wide dynamic range longitudinal assessment of optical fibers

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